Friday, February 2, 2007

Yesterday was my birthday! It was a great day - we woke up to snow which is pretty rare here.
Here are some pictures of Koz in the snow. I am new at this and I am not quite sure how to get the pictures to look better - but this will do for now.

I did have a great day but napped a little too much - so much so that I was wide awake at 4:45! After some qvc window shopping I decided to post.

I had a wonderful dinner at one of my FAVORITE chains, Carraba's. I love it for several reasons. When it is just Scott (my husband) and I, I love to sit at the kitchen bar, where you watch the cooks. It is so warm up there and I am always cold. Last night we went with my Scott's brother and sister in law and their 2 and a half old daughter - who is SO cute! And, just for my birthday, they had a Coppola Cabernet that was so good! The best part of the night was as we were leaving Carraba's and the little one, who received a little packet of gummies for successfully requesting to go to the bathroom, was asked by the hostess (probably all of 16) where she got the gummies and the little one said in her loudest and proudest voice, "I pooped in the potty!" It was so cute and the hostess just turned green!

Then when we got home S surprised me with the coolest necklace and bracelet set. It is pink and chocolate brown beads - he did very well!

Well it is now 6:30, think I will start getting ready! My birthday continues today with lunch with my Mom and sister at a favorite restaurant in downtown Chattanooga, 212 Market.

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