Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Take me on a trip upon your magic swirlin' ship

Yesterday morning I hit the office for a little while and then headed to Cleveland to see the hs (head shrinker). I was running late and did not get to Starbucks for my latte so I still owe myself one some time this week.

The hs and I had a good meeting. As I have mentioned before my baseline issue is worrying about others more than I worry about myself (AND I am a huge hypochondriac, but we can talk about that another time, when I feel 100%). I really need to face reality on this one, being a southern woman "martyrdom" seems to be in my DNA!

Went home and tasted one of my first meals since being sick. I made a bbq chicken quesadillia and it was delish!

Then, the busy morning and still not feeling great caught up with me and Koz and I slept for a good part of the afternoon and then headed to my meeting. STILL have not made it to the Y...Thursday will be the day!

Never thought I would say this...but I think it is time for Gilmore Girls to end. The same stories keep repeating. I realized this when watching the promo for next week (lane goes into labor during her baby shower) and was excited that it was not about any of the main story lines. I am intrigued about where the Rory and Logan story line is he going to have to ask his father for help, will his father then reject Rory again? I have been thinking for a while that Logan will have to (in some way) whose between Rory and his wealthy life style.

Then my beloved Law and Orders did not disappoint. Love that show, it is scary how much I watch it, between re-runs and NBC.

Finally, I have to say that I am REALLY missing my hair...I cut it all off in July '06 for locks of love and I am ready to have it all back! It is finally in a place that I can put it back in a pony tail...but I am SO ready to be able to whip it back and wrap it into a cute bun...LOOK AT THAT HAIR!

This great pick was taken by my photog friend Matt Dunmore...

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Andy said...

There is a cure for hypochondria. It's called EAT MORE CHOCOLATE! Actually, the best cure for hypochondria is coming to terms with the fact we're all going to die sometime, but that's a little heavy for this time of day. As for the Gilmore Girls, they should have been abducted by aliens at the beginning of series one. That would have saved the world a whole lot of wasted time. LOST on the other hand - rivetting TV. What do you do for a living?