Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Revenge of the Routine

NOT a good evenin' yesterday. Started great, routine in tact...ate my oatmeal, did a sudoku, went to work, Koz was a good dog, we had a great walk, and life was good. Took Koz by the house, and headed to the Wall to get ingredients for cookies that I needed to bake for a meeting tonight. Lovin the Wall, love watching the world go by, excited b/c there is a new Glamour out and BAM the biggest panic rush I have had in probably a month. I almost sat down on the floor in the Wallmart! I went to the frozen food department and breathed and tried to divert myself by allowing myself to pick out a pizza for dinner. Did that and then headed to the checkout, where I waited and read OK magazine (Jessica Simpson is a brunette -not a fan) and calmed down. Got to the car and had another moment - I think b/c I had allowed myself to relax enough to let the panic back in - and listened to Sports Talk long enough to calm down and drive home. Once home I ate the entire pizza and then started making cookies and eating too much dough, which made my stomach hurt. Which made me worry and not feel good and then the evening just stunk and I did not even read my Glamour. S was on his way home from Nashville and got caught in traffic and did not get in 'till late, so superman was not there to protect me.

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