Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Let's start from the very beginning

I am also a huge fan of the Sound of might find various references to that gem too!

This is my first blog entry. I am hoping to write a blog that will attract folks, like myself, who are functioning daily with OCD and/or general anxiety disorder.
I have struggled with this issue for about three years, gone through good times and bad and I find it therapeutic to share my stories. Along those same lines, I looked desperately for a blog of this sort when I was diagnosed, I was not sure what my future would hold and needed examples of functioning people with GAD and OCD out there, that have good days and bad and have found a path to travel.
So, I hope that my blog can be a refuge and a point of connection for all of the, very intelligent, wives, mothers, working mothers and single women out there who are living and thriving despite the daily anxiety that enters their lives!

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