Thursday, February 15, 2007

Offer me solutions offer me alternatives and I decline

OK so I am feeling the effects of tapering down the meds. I am really tied but VERY hyper. The feeling is similar to the end of an all nighter, after countless number of coffee and baileys, right before the test.

Another REM song...

Cause your head’s shaking cause your arms are shaking
And your feet are shaking cause the earth is shaking


SOMEHOW I managed to fall asleep last night and miss it, but due to the excellence of modern technology I watched it on my cpu.

AND i must tell you that I really enjoyed it. I have been to and found out that the fact I enjoyed that a lot of the show was not on the island, and that I am in LOVE with Des, is pretty widespread.

BUT the most wonderful thing of all is that I saw a reference without having to read about it after the show (big time - i.e. never happened before!)...I noticed that the man with the red shoes was crushed in similar fashion to the Witch in the Wizard of OZ! I knew watching that movie 10,000 would pay off some how. I did not pick up on the Oasis song, I should have b/c I love that song! I hope Des is the one to save Charlie - I love Charlie (even bad Charlie) too!

Des is officially the first LOST character to make me cry this season...Now I want SO BAD for Penny to find him - I can't wait to see how this all works out.

Another thing, if you are a confused LOST watcher like me go to:

It shows how all the characters are connected. It also helps me keep up with the fast thinkers on the message boards.

OK that is all - I am going to go home and nap. I need to go to the Y tonight and run (did not go Tuesday - Bad Girl!)!

You take a walk and you try to understand
Nothing can hurt you
Unless you want it to
There are no answers
Many reasons to be strong
You take a walk, you take a walk
You take a walk and you try to understand

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