Friday, February 16, 2007

Cause if I had some remedy I'd take enough to please me.

The Lord works in mysterious ways!

I am happy to announce that James Dominik Gianassi was born this morning (around 8:50 AM est) weighing in at 7 pounds 10 oz and all of 19 inches. I can hardly contain myself while I sit here waiting for the OK to head to the hospital! (not sure I spelled his middle name right!)

All the negative thoughts that I had yesterday calmed by the arrival of Jimmy. S has said to me several times, if you are so worried about dying tomorrow why not enjoy today, obviously the words of someone who has never had anxiety, but so true. At this time, not taking the meds, I could not enjoy the day yesterday for fear of the future. I have a new nephew TODAY!

The meds were working so well I am going to go back to my routine until I can feel a resolution from the OB issue. There is no reason to spend six months in a constant state of anxiety when a remedy is stating me in the face. I felt so much better last night after I took the meds again - there is no reason to worry.

Perhaps part of surrendering is allowing myself to trust that the Lord will help me get pregnant at the right time, for me, and give me the strength, at that time to make it through each day with as little anxiety as possible. And, as my wise sister said, if it does not go well (when you try to stop) know that maybe the Lord wants you to take the meds. I am going to go bounce around the house until they call with the OK to come by - I will post a pic ASAP!

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