Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Molly and Scott's Great Adventure Part 2

Our next stop was Split. It is the second largest city in Croatia. We spent the majority of our time just wandering and absorbing, as opposed to going to the sites, my favorite thing to do.

We spent a lot of time at the Market in Split people watching. This picture does not even begin to describe the "hustle and bustle" of the market! Everything you would ever need was available at this market! They even had a several underwear stands...thought of you momo.

This was my favorite booth...they sold the chicken and the eggs...guess we know which chickens were not doing so well in the laying of eggs department.

This was our only day that was split (haha) in half. All the other days, except one that I will explain, we sailed at night and would wake up in our next destination. So, it was kind of cool to watch the ship leave from and arrive to a port.

Our next stop was Kortula, the birth place of Marco Polo. The picture below was taken as we approached the city.
If you look to the right of the picture (left of the ship) above you can see what looks like a small tower. This is actually a bar. After we walked this small city Scott and I retreated to this tower for drinks (don't order a margarita in Croatia). We ended up talking to two couples from California who are probably still riding their motorcycles through Europe. Cool folks. From the tower Scott took this great picture:

Although our stay here was short we got two of my favorite "souvenirs". We purchased an amazing first edition painting of the harbor (which we thought was appropriate b/c we watched the boat arrive) and I got a coral, the stone of the Adriatic, bracelet.

That night we were off to Dubrovnik...one of my favorite places on the tour. The "feature" of this city, which is a must do, is to walk the city walls. These walls do a complete circle around Dubrovnik.

One of the things that interested us the most about this trip is that we literally went from the beaches (as you see here) to the Alps (later in Bled). From the city walls the views were amazing...including the city itself and the beauty of the Adriatic.
This picture (above) is the best example of the city and the ocean.
Have to throw a Molly and Scott picture in there too!
Around the right corner of this building is where Scott and I chilled for a while. Around the next corner was a swimming hole. When we got there we watched kids jumping off rocks and playing around. Later a man came strolling by in a causal work outfit, striped to his underwear and went swimming, about thirty minutes later he put his clothes back on and, I imagine, headed back to work.
This is one of my favorite pictures. Notice the classic, beautiful, red clay roofs...with satellite dishes on top!

While we usually had lunch on the boat we decided to spend the entire day in Dubrovnik without making the trip back to the boat. Scott is a big Rick Steves fan and we went to the pizza place he recommended. Check out our small pizzas (no wonder I gained 5 pounds!)!

If you have to chose a place to go in Croatia, Dubrovnik would be my recommendation.

Back to work...more tomorrow.

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Kathleen said...

Nice pictures! What made you pick croatia for a trip?

Colleen said...

Awesome pictures. The pizza looks so yummy!

Bullet said...

OMG!!!! Wow!!! I'm so jealous!

Alili said...

Wow, Molly that looks simply amazing. What a trip!

Danielle said...

The pizza looks yummy!! What gorgeous pictures. Definitely still on my list of places to go.

momo said...

omg, molly, its so beautiful there! thanks so much for sharing your pics!!

and i'm glad to know that panties make you think of me! ;-) big hugs!!

tri-dogmom said...

your vacation looks amazing. I'm am soo soo SO jealous!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Love the photos!

I'm going to ask the same question as someone else. What made you think of Croatia? It seems lovely, but wouldn't have been something I normally would have thought of right off.

But I'm glad you did and now I have this on my list of things to do!

JohnnyTri said...

what great pictures!!!

thanks for sharing..


Lauren said...

Wow, those pictures are fantastic--what a beautiful place. Can't get over the red tile roofs with the satellite dishes!