Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Oh my aching...shins?

When I started this running adventure I was really worried about how my knees would hold up. little did I know that I would be running through the pains of shin splints - which I have never had in my life! After much googling last night I now know why. I have ginormous calf's (always have) and apparently this imbalance with my "shin muscle" is what is causing the pain. As suggested I sat on my heels last night...and I feel a little better today.

Yesterday confirmed to me that I am a crazy routine oriented person. I love my morning routine, which includes coffee, oatmeal and soduku after having fed Koz and before getting ready. The routine is, of course, much more detailed than that and allows me to wake up slowly and completely. The entire day yesterday was totally out of whack b/c my routine was changed! I fed Koz, got ready quickly, ate cereal out of a baggie, and rushed on. YUCK! Later in the day I did find an antidote! Another of my (new) favorite Cinnamon Dolce Latte at Starbucks and a little 45 minute nap. So, by 6 PM things were back to normal...

A couple of things I have found on the web recently:

  • I am the nosiest person in the world (if I am visiting clean your medicine cabinet!) and I think that is why I love this site so much: Of course this is a Geiko site, but I think it is really clever.
  • My favorite scent, Clinique in Bloom is back for a limited time only. They still do not have a lotion or body wash to go with it, which makes me sad, but it is the BEST scent.
  • I was looking at ivillage and they have a quiz to find your celebrity twin: My celebrity twin is Reese Witherspoon, I am flattered - but not quite convinced of the tests accuracy.
  • I visit a lot to read articles about OCD and GAD and was surprised to learn that Paula Dean suffered from agoraphobia: Love her show, lover her restaurant, love her personality! She is a great example and the article ends with a great quote:

I would start the journey of mending. I would never again let myself be a victim of controlling fear. I feel as though I have two birthdays: the first one on January 19, 1947, and the other on June 19, 1989. That was the day that I totally became responsible for myself and my actions.

-Paula Dean


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