Sunday, June 8, 2008

Molly and Scott's Great Adventure Part 4

The final chapter...

After Motor on our last night on the ship we were treated to a farewell dinner including (the traditional) Baked Alaska:

We stayed up late, drank too much, danced with the Australians and had a great time!

The next morning (tough due to the activities of the night before!) we got up and got off the ship (in Koper) and were greeted by Goran (who would lead us on our "land tour") and taken to our first hotel, in Portoroz. This hotel was VERY nice!

We got there too early to check in so we checked emails and went and checked out the spa. Scott (who was getting his first massage EVER) and I both signed up for a massage later in the afternoon. I really wanted to do a mud wrap too but there was not an appointment in time to meet Goran later that evening.

After we checked in our room, got our massages (very average) we met Goran and took a short trip to Piran.

I really liked Piran. It was a small port town that had an Italian charm. Below is our guide, Goran and the two folks who traveled with us (also sat at our table on the trip). Goran grew up in Piran, so one of the coolest things was that every other person that we came upon stopped and said Hi to Goran.

We walked up to a beautiful Catholic church that was being renovated after damage in the war. This church also gave us this beautiful view.

Another great picture from Piran.

After our trip to Piran we were treated to a "seafood feast". I had a caprice salad and pasta...not in the mood for seafood! Scott tried the Halibut and everyone else had prawns.

Goran was a sailor/fisherman when he was younger and this restaurant was owned by a very good friend of his (who he scolded for not cooking the pasta correctly.)

The next day our first stop was back in Koper. While we were in Piran Goran wanted to take us to a place that makes salt chocolate. Salt has a very rich history in Piran. Families would leave and go to harvest salt for 5 months a yeas. The place in Piran was closed and so we went back to Koper to go to a salt chocolate store. We picked up some salt chocolate but the neatest part of the store was that they literally had wine gas pumps...where anyone can purchase wine by the gallon!

We then headed to the Postojna Caves. These caves were pretty cool, a lot of stalagmites and stalactites. It was also very cold. This is the only was against Slovinian law to take pictures inside the caves:We went around for about an hour in these caves and although they were pretty cool (literally and figuratively) I would have been fine with 30 minutes.

Next we headed to the Predjama Castle. I was not very focused on this castle b/c I was very car sick. I was sandwiched in the back of the care, Goran was driving his stick aggressively and we were traveling up winding roads. The only thing that I absorbed was that the prince was killed by a bullet while sitting on the toilet.

After being given the front seat, and subjecting Scott to the sandwich we headed to Ljubljana. This is where we got our first, clear view of the Julian Alps.

Ljubljana was another beautiful, Italian style city. We did not spent a lot of time there. We ate another "small"lunch of giant pizzas and walked the city a little bit.

In the back of this picture you can see one of the three bridges that come together at either side of the city. This is another example of the new, post war architecture.
And then we were off to Bled. After we settled in, in another nice hotel, we went out to have our Austrian feast. Check out this "platter for two" that Scott and I shared. Under all the meat (2 pork chops, several Cevapcici, two hamburger and two veal kabobs) war fries for five and a few scattered veggies n the side. We also had a very good apple strudel for dessert.

The first stop in Lake Bled was the castle on the Lake. This was a really neat place, beautiful views and out best views of the Alps.

Next we took a boat ride out to the church in the middle of the lake.

I have to say that Bled was my FAVORITE. I sat still and wrote in my journal for two hours this afternoon...and if you know me well you know how unusual this is! If anyone is looking for the perfect honeymoon destination...this is it.

As you can tell, we had a wonderful time. I can not imagine anything that would have made the trip better. This was truly the trip of a life time!

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Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Sounds like such a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing it with us through pictures and stories on your blog. :)

Kathleen said...

I love the architecture! And wine by the gallon!?! That's funny :-)

Jess said...

Wow sounds like a great trip. You got some awesome pictures!

Paul Harvey said...

Now I know 'the rest of the story'!

Danielle said...

Wow, more beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.