Monday, February 12, 2007

Driving slow on sunday morning

I always forget to take my meds on Sunday mornings! What is it about Sunday mornings. I have a routine on Sundays (which lately seems to include forgetting my meds!) that includes brown sugar cinnamon (NOT FROSTED) Pop Tarts, coffee, the Sunday paper and coupon clipping. Church at 11 allows me to sleep until 8 or 8:30 and still have a lazy morning. But the last two Sundays I have been sitting in church and all of a sudden I notice that I am jumpy, shaky, fidgety, picking my ends, thinking about crazy stuff and all in all, just not focused. And then it hits me that I did not take my meds b/4 I left (which during the week are in my system, after bfast, around 8). And then I am amazed how tierd I am by the time I get home. All that jumpiness and all those crazy thoughts wear me out. It's no wonder I used to sleep all the time (S would say I still sleep all the time, but it is better) b/4 my meds got straight!

My Mocs won Saturday night!

And the blt was SO good - never is as good as the first time - but SO GOOD. And it made me think of a wine to recommend. Although Hair of the Dog was out on Saturday night, they serve Big House Red and that is a very good, very cheep (usually $9.99) table red (The first time I picked it up was the label, of course) ! I did the Twin Finn Merlot which was fine, but do check out Big House Red...

I will be getting some of that on the way home!

I did walk/run Saturday, a total of 3.5 miles in 45 minutes...not bad for the fourth go at it. I did push myself on this one, running for longer periods at a faster pace (4.8 on the beloved treadmill).

And, as promised, a picture of Kozmo's best friend Percy:

One more thing...
Check out Andy's blog at
Andy, like myself, suffers from anxiety disorder but he lives in Australia. I love his blog b/c he has a pup on the front page and he defended Obama and blasted man!

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