Sunday, March 30, 2008

Never just an ordinary girl

So...I stuck to my guns!

Saturday I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill! I ran 3 miles in 40 minutes. I did a 2 minute run followed by a 3 minute walk. I did run the last 5 minutes solid in order to get the 3 miles in! My knees did pretty well! I wore my old brace on my left knee and my new one on my right and that worked out OK!

Today I planned on going to a Pilates/yoga blend class at the gym. However, I THOUGHT the class started at 2:30 and it started at 2:00. Because I wore my Crocs I could not do anything else so I headed back home. At home I did my 50 minute Yoga Now video. Then I took Koz on a walk to wear him out b/c the first 10 minutes of my yoga (the core strength part) he kept coming over and dropping toys on my head!

As I mentioned before my brother in law signed up for the 5k run at the Chickamauga Chase and on Friday I officially signed up too. After three good runs I decided that I am going to become a 5K specialist. So, I started looking at other races coming up. I found that there is a memorial race in honor of my beloved Dr. Gregory! The Bill Gregory Healthcare Classic is the weekend AFTER the Chick Chase BUT I feel very strongly that this is something that I really need to do! So, I am signed up for TWO 5Ks in April!

Meanwhile in the world of Molly:

The Vols game was terrible! They played awful! Oh well. On the same front my picks this year are TERRIBLE! You win some you loose some, right!

Friday night we hung out at the house with a friend, watched more bball and relaxed!

Saturday morning I went and watched Tommy's soccer game. (Keeping in mind he is 3) he had a little trouble sharing the ball. I am sure it is something that he will work through! I had a couple of hours to kill before I COACHED (whatever that means) Kate's soccer game so Momma and I went to the mall. Got my summer scent, Coconut Lime Verbena (love Warm Vanilla Sugar in the winter!) at Bath and Body Works and a CUTE shirt at the GAP! Kate's soccer game was funny...the other coach was trying to teach the 3 year old to dribble and I just could not stop laughing the entire time!

Today has been at Grace, workout, laundry and basketball!

So, in the interest of continuing t keep myself responsible here is the plan for this week:

Monday morning: 30 minutes Elliptical and 15 minutes weights
Tuesday morning: 40 minute run...2 minute run and three minute walk
Wednesday morning: 30 minute Elliptical and 15 minutes weights
Thursday morning: 40 minute run...3 minute run and two minute walk

Take Care,

When the colors start to fade
She wears a silly yellow hat
That someone gave her when she stayed
I didn't think that she returned it
We left New York in a whirl
Time expands and then contracts
When you are spinning
-Counting Crows

Thursday, March 27, 2008

So good, so good, I got you

Ladies (you know who you are) thank you so much for your comments on yesterday's post! It is nice to know that I am not alone AND get such awesome advice and support!

Day 2: At the gym at 6:00
30 minutes on elliptical
10 minutes lifting, arms
5 minutes abs

I feel really good. I am really trying to hold on to this feeling so that, on those mornings when it is harder to get up, I can remember how great it feels to go through your day knowing that you have already done something good for yourself!

Already decided that I am not going to go tomorrow morning. The Vol's are playing Louisville and the game does not start until 9:50 something.
I am very excited about this game...Pearl and upstart basketball mind v. an old school basketball mind...should be a great game!

I am going to get take out fajitas (from the best place in Chatta-vegas!) for dinner tonight...and I might even go home earl and nap...This game will last WAY past my bed time!

Saturday morning I am going to be my niece Kate's "parent" on the field (which is required for the three year olds) during her first ever soccer game! Her momma is quite pregnant and her dad will be referring a football scrimmage. I am so excited!

My plan for the weekend is to do a run from home Saturday and go to a yoga/pilates hybrid class at the gym Sunday and do the elliptical! I am hoping that saying this stuff "out loud" will help me stick to it!

Thanks again for all the support!
Take Care,

Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now
I feel good, I knew that I would, now
-James Brown

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yeah I know that everyone gets scared

I have been down again lately. I think this time it is, mostly, due to the blessings of being a woman.

I have also been down on myself. I have not been sticking to ANY fitness routine that I pull together for myself. And at the same time I read all of the blogs about how much you all do and instead of inspiring me, I have just been beating myself up about what I am not doing.

One of the blogs I read anonymously is Little Miss Runnerpants. She recently did a post that I felt tapped into what I was feeling. The post is titled, how, just...How? She is much more accomplished than I, and my question is much more basic. I have no kids, good job(s), a supportive husband and good health...and I can not understand how you all do all that you do!

To put it bluntly I have been feeling sorry for myself...for no good reason.

And on top of that I have seen pictures of myself recently that I was not totally happy with. I did not feel that i looked "fat" just not the way that I wanted to look.

I have also been looking at other people a lot recently and wondering what they are thinking about me. Not healthy, I know.

I thought of Dr. Gregory and the speech that he gave me two years ago about not letting my health "slip" through the years. I think he must be watching over me, I think he tapped me on the shoulder once again.

On top of everything I KNOW that I am in a bad place. I KNOW that I can and should do more than I am! I read my older posts last night and I wondered where that person went.

I have allowed the excuses to creep in.


I am not a morning person. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you - don't bother me before I have had coffee and food. AND on top of that I might just be crabby until noon anyway.

When I worked at the Sports Barn I had to open, at 4am, a couple of times and I told myself I will NEVER work out this early.

Well, this morning I did!

I did not want to get up at 5:40am, I went anyway.

My hair looked a mess, I went anyway.

I did not have a knee brace for my left knee, I went anyway.

I could not find my ipod, I went anyway.

I got there and realized that I had not brought my watch or my HR monitor, I worked out anyway.

I could not believe how sloppy I looked, compared to everyone else, in my track pants and T Shirt, I worked out anyway.

People said Hi to me and I grunted out of disbelief that they were so cheerful this early in the morning, and I worked out anyway.


The other day Bullet wrote a post about That first 10 minutes. He talks about how difficult those first 10 minutes are for him and how, once he gets past those first 10 minutes he gets into a rhythm. Another post that I totally connect to.

I walked for 5 minutes to warm up.

I ran two minutes and I walked for three for 30 minutes.

I walked for 5 minutes to cool down.

I went for 2.6 miles

After the First 10 Minutes, I felt great!

And I realized that a morning workout is the perfect way to get my back in the groove. There is ONE excuse at 5:40 in the morning...Don't want to get out of bed. I can get over one excuse.

At 5:40 in the morning there are no meetings, no classes, no invites to go out to eat, no feelings of guilt for wanting to workout instead of cooking, no worries about the gym being too busy, and there is no way to be too tired from the day!

AND...I feel great. I feel better than I have in a while. I feel like I can go about my day without worrying about when and if I an going to work out? I can worry about when I might fit in a nap!

And the truth of the matter is that I have a great husband. Scott went to the gym by himself yesterday morning and, per my request, made sure my grumpy butt was out of bed to go this morning. So, shout out to the truest support system I have:

Now...if I can just get up tomorrow morning...just kidding, I'll let you know about tomorrow too!

Take Care

It's time to make our move, I'm shakin off the rust
I've got my heart set on anywhere but here
-One Republic

Friday, March 21, 2008

looking out. watching out when I see the future I close my eyes I can see it now

You all know how much I love, I am sharing a few recent ones!

If there is anything I love more than pictures in general it is Koz and Scott pictures, here is the latest:

And to be fair, and because I love this picture of Koz, Scott's favorite pics (to take) are me and Koz sleeping:

Our cousin's from Salt Lake City came into town. Here we all are on Lookout Mountain:

Erin is 9, and the oldest. She and I had a lot of fun together! This picture is at Point Park.

Another from Point Park. Love to give my Dad a hard time, because he loves to give everyone else a hard time, here he is with his new purse!

A picture from the Incline. Libby is looking at the camera, she is 5 and her twin brother Hank will appear soon!

Here is Libby, Hank and Tommy waiting for the Incline.

This picture KILLS me. We followed this trailer off the Interstate! The horse had his head out of the trailer...on the Interstate!

Dave and Diane. The parents of the Salt Lake City crew. Dave is my first cousin and, while you can not see it here, another red head!

This old record player, that I played with when I was little, ended up being quite the popular toys. We all spent the evening together at my parent's house.

Scott and Hank. One thing that I have found out about being married without children is that when I see my husband bonding with a kid it makes my heart melt...and my mind move a little quicker towards the thought of having our own kids!

Our trip to the Aquarium...The butterfly garden:

Momma and Jimmy:

We had a lot of fun today at my parent's celebrating Easter. Looking forward to having Coke Zero and chocolate for breakfast tomorrow morning!

Take Care

I see pictures of people, rising up
pictures of people, falling down
I see pictures of people
they're standing on their heads, they're ready
they're looking out, look out!
they're watching out, watch out!
they're looking out, look out!
they're watching out, watch out!
- Peter Gabriel

Monday, March 17, 2008

She is running to stand still


Thanks to everyone who voted for Koz. He did not win...but felt well loved!

Guess I will be shelling out the dough for a new vacuum!

Last week was pretty crazy busy! Lots of meetings and appointments which made the days go by quickly...which is nice.

This weekend was a lot of fun, our cousins from Salt Lake City came into town and we hung out with them a lot. Hope to get some pics up soon!

I ran/walked one day last week and have decided that I really need a brace for my left knee too. I am going to hit Colleen up when she gets back in town b/c I LOVE the brace she sent me! I am planning on going out again today, with one old brace (I only have 10) and the new one. I will probably try the new one on the left knee (which only recently started hurting).

Scott and I walked four nights last week, for about an hour. I really enjoy that time together and we get a good little workout too.

I am having trouble, once again, getting up in the mornings for yoga. I only got up once last week and neglected to get up again this morning. I need to work on getting in bed earlier b/c I am , for sure, an 8 hour girl...

...BUT it is March Madness time, which means that I will probably stay up as late as my body will allow watching basketball.

Jess wants to do an blogland bracket pool (bragging rights being the only prize) which I think is a GREAT idea! Let her know if you are interested.

I want to get on the record early with my pics. Here they are (starting in the third round):

Elite 8

NC v. TN
KU v. Wisconsin

Memphis v. Texas
Texas A&M v. Duke

Final 4

NC v. KU
Texas v. Duke


KU v. Texas

Champs: Rock Chalk J Hawk...K U

Take Care

And so she woke up
from where she was lying still
Said we got to do something about where were going

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be in time

What a difference! I feel like a complete idiot for taking my meds wrong. Especially now that I am taking them right and feel SO much better. I have more energy and just feel RIGHT! It seem to be the ultimate I am a hypochondriac, afraid of the unknown, and MY lack of attentiveness was making me feel bad!

BUT...that is water under the bridge...onward and upward...

Our trip to Charleston was bitter sweet. Got to spend some good quality time with Scott and Momma and Dad...

and lots of other Moc's fans...BUT the Moc's lost. Despite leading most of the game they missed free throws at the end of the game and did not box out either. They played well and with heart, unfortunately, for this team, it was not enough!

Next year's team should be really strong and really experienced. I am looking forward to the season already! Scott and I decided that we would leave early and not stay to watch the Lady Moc's...this would allow Scott to keep two of the days off that he planned on taking.

So, Sunday morning we watched the 1st half of the Lady Moc's Semifinal game (the Lady Mocs won and went on to win the tournament!) and then went to the Mill's House to have brunch with Momma and Dad Man. Scott and I stopped by the Battery on the way out. I soaked up the sun while Scotty took in the sights:

We got into Chattanooga too late to pick up Koz. So, I picked him up, after some meetings, Monday afternoon. I have NEVER seen that dog SO tired. He could barely keep his head up. He must have had a wild and crazy weekend!

I took advantage of the 60 degree afternoon and went on a 35 minute walk run. I am still on the 4 minute walk and 1 minute run. I have not been consistent enough, YET, to increase. I am wondering...should I reduce the walk intervals or increase the run intervals first...what do y'all think.

My right knee, with Colleen's new brace, could not have felt better. In fact my left knee was soar and I am thinking of getting a brace for that knee too. While it might LOOK funny as long as it feels good I am OK!

In addition to being tired Koz came home smelling BAD! So, while he was tired we decided to give him a bath...his face will tell you how much he likes baths...

But he now smells like Pantene and was welcomed to snuggle with us in bed last night

Got up this morning and did my yoga...felt great. I am so thankful to be in such a better mind set! Thanks for all your support!

Take Care!

Nothing you can see that isn't shown.
Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.
It's easy.
All you need is love, all you need is love

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I have not written about this yet...but I am trying a new medicine...Lamictal. So, I am not (supposed to be) taking my Prozac any more...

I have been in a really bad mood this week...really tired, really anxious and really (really) grumpy...and this morning I figured out why. All this week, when I thought that I was taking my previcid pills (for acid reflux) I was taking Prozac. The previcid is brown and pink and the Prozac is brown and green. I grabbed the bottle this morning to refill (what I thought was) the previcid and I was holding the Prozac. I feel like SUCH an idiot!

I read the side effects and sure enough...all of the side effects I have been having have are mentioned with the combination of these two meds.

A (small) part of me is somewhat relieved b/c I thought the Lamictal was making me like this and I was upset b/c my therapist really thought the Lamictal would be great for me.

On to bigger and better things...

I skipped the rubber chicken dinner on Tuesday night (in fear I might growl at someone) and went to the BX and did the elliptical. Since then I have been getting cramps in my right calf and tibialis muscle. Took it easy yesterday and I really worked on it this morning b/c the cramping kept me up last night. Hoping that it will work itself out soon.

Scott and I are heading to watch the Mocs in the Southern Conference tournament this weekend. There is no telling what our team will do...they have been very inconsistent and unpredictable this season. They have also been through a lot of injuries and adversities that I hope will help them to be a stronger tournament team. To win the conference we have to make it through Davidson, and Stephen Curry, who are ranked 25 in the country in the latest poll! Our girls are undefeated and I hope that they don't fall to the same curse the Pat's did. They SHOULD win it all.

I am really looking forward to the trip because I LOVE Charleston!

Take Care


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Suddenly the air smells much greener now

FIRST...I must ask you all to help the Koz...he is in a contest for Bissell vacuums. The contest is for their spokes animal. I REALLY just want him to make it to the finals so that I can get a new vacuum :).

Vote for Koz here:

Koz says Thanks!

Friday night I drug a tired Scott to Carrabba's with me...I was having a major Margherita Pizza craving!

Saturday morning I headed to Atlanta with a good friend of mine. We hit Harry's Farmers Market (like Whole Foods) first. This trip was all about wine. My friend takes wine classes and we hit Harry's for their selection. She helped me pick out 6 bottles (6=10% discount!) including a couple of Spanish wines that I have never heard of. Then we hit Trader Joe's for a different perspective, in the Two Buck Chuck. Trader Joe's is SO nice and SO inexpensive, we need one in Chattanooga - stat! We then hit a Macy's and headed home.

Sunday was a crazy busy day. I went to church and then Scott and I headed to the Home Show. There are several things that need to be done to the house...first on the priority list is windows. I actually got overwhelmed there were so many window "dealers" there! (It is kind of an interesting set up in that you pay to get get solicited.) We also looked into a new basement door, gutters, an electric fence for Koz and a Remodeling 101 class in April. Then we headed out to a baby shower. We played an interesting game...they melted different chocolate bars in diapers and numbered have to open the diaper (you can imagine what melted chocolate resembled) and then guess what brand of bar it was! Scott actually did really well. Then we headed to Abuelo's for dinner with Scott's parents and brother's family. I did not eat much, I ate at the shower, but what I ate was pretty good!

Yesterday was not a great day. Koz woke up with an upset stomach, he was needy and would not let me do yoga in peace and I was in a funk all day and I could not snap out of it. Scott and I went for a long, hilly walk last night and I felt good for the first time all day. Colleen sent e a knee brace that she sells that worked really well! I am looking forward to testing it on a run! Scott cooked pork on the grill (I marinated it in pineapple lime salsa, which I thought was great) and we had a quiet evening.

I am feeling much better today. Did AM Yoga and Yoga for Abs this morning. Going to lunch with my Momma and sister. I have to go to a "rubber chicken dinner" for my Dad tonight...not looking forward to that.

Take Care

Eye fight with my brain to believe my eyes
And it's harder than you think
To believe this sadness
That creeps up my spine
And haunts me through the night
-Paolo Nutini