Saturday, February 24, 2007

Other peoples thoughts they aint your hand-me-downs

Yesterday was an interesting day. Took Koz up to the mountain to play with Percy and went on to the office. Had lunch with a good friend and met Dad at the airport (this is where the interesting part starts). The engine light on his car came on, on his way to the airport Monday, so I was going to follow him to the dealership and take him home...WELL his car would not start and we jumped it and we headed out. On out way out of the airport his car stalled and lost its charge. WE needed to get back to the front of the airport to get the car charged again, SO I pushed his car with my car for apx 130 degrees back to the front of the airport. I had NEVER done this before and was so nervous, which was not the right frame of mind to be in b/c any hesitation causes the cars to separate and then bump back together. It was CRAZY!

So, we jumped the car and went to the dealership, swung by and picked up S and headed to my parents. There we celebrated my sister's birthday. I would like to say that we had dinner at a bbq place, but I can not call it a TRUE bbq place b/c they did not serve nanna pudding!
We did have a really good Pinot Noir called Parker Station I checked online and it costs about $10.99 a bottle,not a bad price for a wine that tastes much more expensive. Check it out at:

S and I slept in this morning, I should say that Koz let us sleep 'till nine. We went to the Y and I had a pretty good workout. Did 60 minutes...10 minute walk, three minute walk and three minute run for about 33 minutes, ran for 10 straight, walked three and ran three.

Got home and ate leftovers from the best part of dinner last night (not the wine!) mac and cheese. Watched some TLC and then partook in my favorite Saturday hobby - a nice long nap.

S and I went to Friday's for dinner (they actually have some pretty good wines there too...Smoking Loon and Barefoot) and I had a great appetizer - Parmesan Crusted Sicilian Quesdilla's

VERY GOOD. Then I had a very average dessert...a lot of places are doing donuts now (Smokey Bones does them best) and I tried Friday's...OK.

It was Senior night for my Mocs and they played OK (a trend this season) and lost (another trend this season). We are still unsure if we are going to go to the tourney next week, a couple of other factors have recently come into play that suggest that we probably will not go. I can not put my finger on my emotions on this issue...not sure if, in the end, I will be disappointed about not going or not!?!

Lazy day tomorrow..maybe I'll read up on how to push a car...


Andy said...

Why wouldn't you go to the tourney? Anxiety? If that's the case, I think you should go. Step up. Don't let the good things pass you by. It's so easy to look at how difficult it could be from here, but you won't be here, you'll be there. ONE LIFE! Step up, Molly!
Then again, you don't know me, I'm a million miles away, I have no idea what a 'tourney' is, it may not be anxiety that's holding you back, I could be way off track and you should do whatever you feel is best.
Hooray for the freedom to choose.

I belong anywhere but in between... said...

While any environment where there are thousands of people whom I can not control makes me nervous, we may not go for other reasons. I promised S that I would not discuss him, in detail, on this blog, and one of the factors has to do with his job. Our team is also prety bad this year, so spending the money of visiting a rather expensive town, Charleston, SC, might not be worth it this year.
You are right though - I do not "step up" enough. It is amazing how many ideas go through my head that I never follow through on...