Saturday, February 10, 2007

a bacon kinda day

Well this week was a roller coaster. Thursday and Friday were interesting and busy. No panic to compare to Wednesday. Did NOT get to the gym either day...plan on going today.

The one part of Wednesday afternoon/night that was good, and that I did not mention, was the return of LOST. Love that show. More than anything I love to get online after the show is over and figure out everything that I missed. Because my brain refuses to absorb and retain everything week to week I have not had the let down that others had with the fall season - it is all, very simply, a nice escape from reality to me. And I love that the island has allowed all of the character to break out of their molds and in most cases become bolder and braver than they were - that would be nice!

Also, the oatmeal cherry cookies I made Wednesday turned out really well. Everyone really liked them at the meeting Thursday night. To get the recipe go to: and search oatmeal cherry cookies and you will find them.

I could not find dried cherries, so I used cherry flavored dried cranberries and I added dark chocolate chips to half the batch - and I think I will add them to the entire batch if I make them in the future.

Yesterday was busy at work. Koz was such a good boy. He was on the mountain playing with his friend Percy all day Thursday and I think he was really warn out! I will post a picture of Percy soon - they are quite the pair.

Last night S and I could not figure out what we wanted to do for dinner. So we decided to get in the car and drive around and get take out somewhere. Well, he decided he wanted bbq (which I knew I did not want) and I decided I would just make a quesadilla at home...then we both decided to just eat what we had at, basically, we went for a nice ten minute drive!

I must also say, today, that I am truly sad that Anna Nicole's life ended the way that it did. People, in general, seem a little flippant about it - I think it is really sad - especially for her daughter. That little girl will hear so much about her mother and not have the experience to know what is true!

OK - so, bacon. Tonight I will go watch my beloved Moc's basketball team play and hopefully win - they NEED a win. So, before the game we are going to Hair of the Dog to, "pregame it" and I LOVE the BLT there!

AND the quote on my google home page today is from Sir Francis Bacon and it is a quote that I need to remember - and advise I should use:

Silence is the virtue of fools.
-Sir Francis Bacon

Going to the Y to do a run/walk. And I THINK my Lucky magazine might be in the mailbox - which makes me very happy. (FYI - also finally read my Glamour - great issue!)


Andy said...

Hi. I've had an anxiety disorder for many years and stumbled across you're blog through a link on an anxiety advice website. Are you keeping this blog for therapeutic purposes and if so is it working? Either way, it makes for good reading.

PS: I'm in Australia.

I belong anywhere but in between... said...

Hey Andy
I am keeping this blog for therapeutic purposes and it is working well. It allows me to share my experience and in some cases just get stuff out! I am glad you enjoy it. Setting up a blog through google is really easy if you are interested!

andy said...

Thanks Molly,

I think I might, In fact - YES I WILL. Might make for a good project. I'll send you a link when it's up.


Andy said...

I won't keep bugging you but my blog is up. Thanks for the idea.