Friday, March 9, 2007

Life's a journey not a destination And I just can't tell just what tomorrow brings

I have to say that Thursday was probably the most interesting day I have had in a very long time.

I found out Wednesday night that Dad hurt his knee and Mom fell at the pharmacy and two of her fingers were/are really swollen. So yesterday morning I went to my parents house and, after my Momma went to the emergency room to get her fingers checked out, I took Dad to quirky, but very talented, Dr. William Matthews who is 90% sure (his words) that Dad tore his meniscus. Having done this, and had surgery for it, I was not surprised. Momma ended up with two badly bruised fingers, no breaks or fractures.

So, after scheduling an MRI and surgery we went on to Bridge to Health to see Dad's massage therapist (with the Doc's OK) so he could work on getting the swelling out of Dad's knee. While he was there I walked down to The Stone Cup ( and got Dad and myself a sandwich and my friend Dawn at Bridge to Health a Soy Chi Latte and myself a vanilla latte and headed back.

So, Mom and Dad were planning on going to Atlanta to watch Tennessee play in the SEC tournament ( and it was becoming more and more apparent that Dad (who also has a bit of a cold) did not want to go. I was not crazy about going, but I knew that if I got there I would be glad I went. It is the whole traveling to and from Atlanta thing that was not so appealing. So, Mom and Dad and I finally decided that Mom and I would go. Scott and our friend Rusty were already there, so the added bonus was getting to see S when I did not think that I would see him for a couple of days (he was staying down there for the tourney).

I took a nap on the window seat at Mom and Dad's ( TN was playing at 9:45, we figured we would be home around 2:00 am) and planned on heading to my house to drop Koz off and change. Well, traffic was at a stand still just past the house, on the way down the mountain, so I just headed back, left Koz with Percy and Dad and Mom and I headed off.

After we got out of Chattanooga traffic was fine and we got to The Gorgia Dome in time to meet S, get a suggestion on where to get a (GREAT) sandwich, and get to our seats in time to see the beginning of the Georgia v. Auburn game. Auburn's head coach Jeff Lebo used to coach at UTC (S and my Alma mater and FAVORITE bball team). This made S root against Auburn (he thinks Lebo used us and left as soon as he was offered more money...a bad thing for us, but you can't blame the guy, which is why...)Mom and I were for the Tigers, who lost pretty badly. We did have great seats, right at half court, on the floor, about 8 rows back, thanks to Dad's position on the UT Board (as Rusty says, "snooty").

After Mom and I unsuccessfully searched the Dome for ice cream we settled in for the UT v. LSU game. The game was close and went into overtime...TN played well, but not good enough to beat Glen "Big Baby" Davis and the LSU Tigers who have underachieved to this year.

We still hope to get into the final 65, as TN was ranked 22nd in the last national poll. The SEC might end up with as many as 5 teams in the tourney. Because of the overtime Mom and I rolled in around 2:45 AM.

I spent the night at Mom and Dad's (S stayed in Hot 'lanta with Rug) and had a pretty lazy day today. Mom and I went to a fundraising sale for a breast cancer foundation in town and I got a pair of earrings, a skirt and a blazer, all for 50% off or more. Then Mom, Dad and I went to the Meeting Place ( for dinner. I had a great burger and two glasses of nice Merlot, thanks to Momma picking me up and dropping me off at home after dinner.

I am about to call Scotty and see if he and Rug are going to stay in Atlanta tonight or not...going to yoga in the morning and then heading to "coach" the alumni team in the alumni V varsity fundraising soccer game. I hope to get a run in the afternoon - I did not get one in (more specifically, make time for one) yesterday or today...
It's Amazing
With the blink of an eye you finally see the light
It's Amazing
When the moment arrives that you know you'll be alright
It's Amazing
And I'm sayin' a prayer for the desperate hearts tonight

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