Wednesday, March 7, 2007

i seem to recognize your face

Before I left for Cleveland yesterday I talked to Bill again (runner friend in the office) and asked him if I needed breathing lessons, or something along those lines, in order to prevent the side stitches, as opposed to stomping and exhaling in order to curtail them. He said no, that my diaphragm just needs to get used to bounding around. I thought that was so funny...I have the man from my anatomy book in my head with his diaphragm bouncing around banging into all the surrounding organs. I have also managed to forget how important my IT bands are to the equation and spent a good deal of time last night (while watching TiVoed Gilmore Girls) trying to stretch those buggers out - they feel like rope!

Also, on the 10K front Jen sent me the course map for the 10K, which made it feel all too real and I am actively looking for a 5K to run. I have a feeling I will be better off if the 10K is not the first run I've EVER done...5K sounds like a better starting point!

Did manage to get to Starbucks, they were out of the sugar free Cinnamon Dolce syrup, so I splurged and went with the original. The interesting thing is that it was almost too took me a long time to drink it!

Good visit with the head shrinker. Her way of helping me deal with my current (mild) anxiety was to remind me of the (much) more anxious moments, days, weeks...I had in the past. It did help put things in perspective!

Had to take the Koz to the vet yesterday afternoon b/c he has a weird bump on his side. We have to put ointment (love that word!) on it for two weeks and if it does not go down it will have to be surgically removed, to make sure it is not cancer!

Spent the evening with my Mom (S is out of town) and my sister and the family. We had a great dinner and a lot of fun. Her oldest son, Tommy does not really look like either my sister or her husband. But with Jimmy it is amazing b/c it is so evident that he has his Dad's eyes and nose and my sister's mouth and chin.
My goal this afternoon is three 10 minute runs with 2 minute breaks in between...let you know how it goes...
haunting, familiar, yet i can't seem to place it
(Pearl Jam)

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