Friday, March 2, 2007

And I don't understand why I sleep all day And I start to complain that there's no rain

First down period in a while.

Started last night in anticipation of the second opinion doctor's appointment scheduled for this morning. On LOST Wednesday night Kate pulled a dart out of James's foot (I love when she calls him James)..she said, on three and then pulled the dart out after the count of one. Sawyer said, why'd you do that and she responded that anticipation is always the worst part. I agree (it is also always the best part...).
Anyway, tough night last night, I was nervous and jittery and the onset occurred after dinner, I already had a glass of wine, so I did not want to take a chill pill to calm down. So, the old standby came into play (literally) and I took to picking at my hair and, as usual, searching for and destroying little breaks in my hair calmed me greatly. I was able to sleep but not well and not through the night.

Before I went to bed I discovered that I did not want to go to the OBGYN appointment for reasons out of my control, if you know what I mean. I rescheduled this morning. I called Dad this morning and took the day off. The worry of anticipation was quickly replaced by the worry that if something was wrong it would be even longer b/4 diagnosed.
I de-cluttered (to the extent possible) the house this morning waiting for the man from Lowes to come and address the few little things that have not been done (to our satisfaction). About an hour before he was to arrive Lowes called to say that he fell of a U Haul truck the day before and would not make it. At that point I decided to take the best medicine...a nice long nap.

Feeling a little better when I woke up, I had a late lunch (TLC crackers are my new obsession, I can eat a box in three days, easy) and took Koz on a walk. We went the route that I have run the last two times, my 40 minute run/walk took me and Koz's nose about an hour. It was a BEAUTIFUL day...I thought it would be a lot colder and rainy, not the case.

Officially, at this point, I am feeling better. I am planning on going to yoga in the morning for the first time in a long time. I am still telling myself that I will NOT be competitive (and pull my but muscle for the third time) that I will get a well needed stretch and hopefully a little spiritual connection from the class.
S is at the Y with our friend, I am anticipating a quite night. I am going to re-do the blanket I started for Jimmy in another fabric. I am not happy with the way it is turning out and it is too holey for me. I worry about a little baby toe getting stuck. I have a cashmere blend yarn that I planned to make a sweater out of that I am going to make into the new blanket.

Ya know I'd like to keep my cheeks dry today
So stay with me and I'll have it made
Blind Melon, No Rain

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