Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hey, I put some new shoes on, And suddenly everything is right,

I am proud of myself...I saw the big man, the main head shrinker, yesterday and he noted that he thought that I might need a mood stabilizer (i.e. ANOTHER pill). I asked for other options and he said we could see how I do on less Prozac...I'm in! He thinks that my up and down moods are due to a little bit of mania brought on by the Prozac...I hope that is the case...I am looking forward to putting the car back on cruise control!

I AM GOING TO RUN TODAY!!!! I am going to head to the Y, with a pocket full of tissue and tough it out. I think I will do an hour workout, S will be there that long doing weights, and do a good 10 minute walk to warm up, 4 intervals of 6 minute run, 4 minute walk, and a 10 minute cool down.

One of the things that (originally) made me want to start running is that it can be done anywhere, anytime...throw on the sneakers and go. I think that is why this allergy mess has gotten me down. I've realized for the next month or so I will be much more productive on on the treadmill than outside running with the pollen! The good news is that I have not had the internal pull to quit all together (as I might have had in the past) just because it is not working out the was I intended (wanted).

I got to see my sister and Jimmy yesterday. She was running around and came by the office so Jimmy could have a little snack in private. Here is a recent picture of the little one...he is really starting to look like his big brother...Jimmy is on the left, Tommy (now 2 and a half) is on the right. Oh I LOVE being an AUNT!!!!

We had a casual get together with our Bible study group at Tony's pasta last night - a great place if you are ever in Chattanooga. We then wandered across the walking bridge to Clumpies to get ice cream and I think I got the best ice cream I have ever had! It was blackberry white chocolate chunk...WOW!

And finally in my personal quest to not make bad moments become bad days I am pleased to say that I was successful in turning around yesterday's bad morning and making it a great day. I am convinced that this living in the moment mantra might be the beginning of a great turnaround in my life!

Oh, short on money,
But long on time,
Slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine,
And i'm running late,
And i dont need an excuse,
'cause i'm wearing my brand new shoes. (PAOLO NUTINI)

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