Sunday, March 18, 2007

2 Corinthians 5: 17

Good day. Went to church with S this morning. Saw his Grandmother who we have not seen in a while and I miss.
Hit the BiLo for groceries and this week's People as well as People Style Watch. Watched TN win and advance to the Sweet 16 - nice! Took a nice nap when it was apparent that our Lady Mocs were not going to make it in the first round against Baylor. Koz and I took a nice walk, it is a beautiful day here in TN!

Cooked tonight, I made a pork recipe with creamed corn. I will probably NOT cook this pork again. It was really under seasoned. I think the leftovers will be good this week, on sandwiches and so forth, but as a main course it did not fly. The creamed corn took about 3x longer to cook than the recipe suggested...otherwise great - great flavor, I added basil. The pork was 2 for one at the store - I plan to make the other tenderloin next Sunday, but marinate it over night...considering this Paula Dean recipe.

I went to yoga Saturday morning. it was a really nice class...very relaxing. Saturday was a relaxing day. We went out with some friends to celebrate St. Patty's Day Saturday night. It was fun and pretty crazy busy for Chatt-a-vegas. I enjoyed my favorite beer...Killians Irish red...very nice!

My life plan planning is going well. So far I have decided the following things: I am going to go to yoga Tuesday night and Saturday morning, I am going to cook on Wednesday and Sunday, I am going to run on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, do core work on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, keep healthy food in the house and not let it go bad!, I am going to work on writing short stories, maybe a book during down time at work, I will always have fresh flowers in the house AND, most importantly, I am NOT going to worry if I do not follow this plan exactly!

Off to read my People and People Style Watch...

"Therefore, if any one is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold, the new has come"


Andy said...

Straight Lines hasn't been released here either. I got it off Limewire. They're featuring Silverchair's new album on radio here and it's great but 'Straight Lines' seems very relevant. Another great feel good, 'someone understands me' song is 'Everything is Alright' by Motion City Soundtrack.
Hope you're well.

Andra Sue said...

Okay, so I read the post you pointed to and said not to read. How could I resist? :)

As time goes on, I figure out how little I know about what life holds, but I do know one thing: YOU are capable of being whatever kind of person YOU want to be. Periodically reinventing oneself is not without the realm of reality at all. I've done it several times.

So, you want to be a runner? Go out and run, soak it up. You want to be the kind of person who resists sugar cookies? Just pass them by and notice how awesome you feel doing it. You want to grow up and pull yourself out of the mental muck? Consider yourself there and act accordingly. You want to become a more outgoing person or a triathlete or a Zen Buddhist? Seek it out and get started. (Okay, so that last one was me.)

But, I hope you see what I mean. Where we've come from doesn't have to determine where we're going. If you actively seek out opportunities to do the things that make you who you want to be, you eventually become that person. We're all evolving here...I think that's our purpose as human beings. :)