Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gardening at night, gardening at night, gardening at night

I went to church this morning and showed off my bright white legs for the first time this spring.

When I got home S and I headed out to the mall to pick up all the clothes he got tailored during our shopping last weekend. When we got to the mall I headed to Clinique to pick up some pressed powder and on the way to Dillards...I saw it. I always wait for the Bath and Body Works after Christmas sale, when the store brings back retired fragrances, to get my favorite sent...Honeysuckle. I have used this fragrance on and off since High School and can never quite get away from it. Well, they have introduced a new Wild Honeysuckle...a little more mature, a little less sweet! I am so excited... I got the body wash, lotion, and would have gotten more but it is so popular that they have already sold out of a lot of elements.

After all of our running around, and getting my VERY dirty car washed, we went to one of our favorite places, Smokey Bones. They have great BBQ chicken nachos, and we love all the TV's and the little speakers on the tables so you can hear the volume on a specific channel. We got to watch some of the ACC, SEC, Big 10 and Big 12 Championship games.

After a quick trip to the Wall we headed home, I took a nap and S watched the Bracket show. The only other big news of the day is that I think I have found the non-chocolate little something to cure my craving...The Oatmeal Cream Pie! Who knew?

On the running knee is really soar today. I plan on getting my old brace from my parents and I plan on taking it easy until then. I also need to get one of those little thing that tracks your mileage as you run.

Somewhere it must be time for penitence.
gardening at night is never where

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