Sunday, March 25, 2007

And there will always be stop and go and fast and slow

Well, I am not feeling a lot better. I just turned down the opportunity to go to the Barn Nursery with my neighbor in order to sit inside on this absolutely gorgeous Sunday. I want so badly to feel better that I do not want to do anything to exaggerate the issue. I think I am going to call the doctor Monday morning and see about coming back in and getting on some allergy meds.

Friday night my wonderful husband went and got us fajitas at my favorite place, Amigos. I love it because they include tomatoes with the fajita veggies! Laid low and watched basketball Friday night.

Yesterday morning was exciting. Starting with the TV squealing and showing blips of colored lines. This TV was my parents and is a big old tube TV...but we love it! We are also aware if anything ever happened to it fixing it would not be an option (buying a new one would be cheaper). We later found out the same thing happened at our neighbors and we are pretty sure it was an issue with cable...however, we have heard it squealing a couple of times again today!

We then realized there is a squirrel in the, we went to Scott's parent's and got their pellet gun (with a scope) and squirrel trap.

Here is a picture of S heading up to the attic to set the trap.

No action from the trap yet...

Went to our neighbors for dinner last night and they grilled out chicken and steak and made rice and sauteed peppers and good. We provided the party (margarita) in a bucket! We stayed long enough to see Payton Manning on SNL...I think b/c he was not terrible it was a success.

As you probably can tell I downloaded the software from S's camera and figured out how to download pictures to the camera and upload them to the blog. Before I finish today I want to post a couple of pictures that S took of Koz recently, that I love...

Action,Reaction, sticks and stones and broken bones
Those for peace and those for war
And god bless these ones, not those ones
But these ones made times like these
And times like those
What will be will be
And so it goes (Jack Johnson)

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