Monday, April 9, 2007

Psalm 118:24

Get your popcorn ready this is a long one...but lots of pics to break it up!

Last weekend I mentioned that we went to a bunny brunch at the Country Club...Here are a few pics from that event:
me and the Jimster

Dad and Tommy...Tommy calls my father "batman" because my father did not want a "grand" sister found plastic Easter Eggs with batman on them at the store and they were the hit of the brunch!

SO, back to last week. Thursday I went to my first Powerflex class at the new gym and got my butt KICKED! That is a hard class...I made it harder on myself by overestimating my muscular skills and getting my weights too heavy. But, it is actually get free weights, a ball, a step, a figure 8 band and your own barbell and work every muscle group...great class!

Had to cover the plants Thursday night...still SO cold! Friday I had the day off...Took a long trip to the Wall and got Easter goodies for all the nieces and nephews, groceries and some other necessary things - including more bird food for my poor freezing birds! After lunch I knit (trying to finish Jimmy's baptism present), napped and took care of my poor sick husband.

Our big TV is officially, totally, messed up. It buzzed at me like, I moved the little TV from the kitchen into "my room" (as opposed to the men's den) so I would not miss What Not to Wear (love that show). I called a repair man this morning...we'll see!

Saturday morning I continued knitting and then S, Koz and I headed up the mountain for a 1:00 practice for Jimmy's baptism. I dropped S (the Godfather) off at the church and went to my parents to run on their treadmill. I was supposed to do 40 minutes, only had time to do 30 (guests were arriving), but I am proud of myself for squeezing something in on this crazy day!

We chilled and watched the Masters (and I knit). Scott had a great time b/c the Godmother is my sister's best friend Anna, whose husband Thom is from Germany. The two of them were glues to the atlas figuring out where S and I have been in comparison to where Thom has been...

At 5 we gathered for a pre-service dinner...yum and then headed to the church. Four babies, with multiple siblings, were baptized so it was quite a three ring are some post baptism pics:

James Evan Hall and James Dominick Giannasi

the proud grandparents

me and can see my handsome husband in the back in his seersucker jacket

It was an adventure dressing this weekend (not like Allez who had to dress for a freezing triathlon!) I went with the dress, jacket and boots route and just tried to stick with bright colors!

I did NOT get the knitting done...hope to get it done by Wednesday....I'll post a pic!

Yesterday we celebrated with Scott's family. We went to church and then to his parents to hang with his mother's side of the family and see Baby Kate hunt eggs, eat and eat and eat and nap!

The only sad news is that I do not think that my hydrangea's are going to make it through this weather! My peony seems to be handling it; but, despite covering and care I doubt we will be any hydrangea blooms this spring and summer!

phew...a long one...going to the gym tonight to do a run...keeping at it and enjoying how much better daily exercise makes me feel! PLUS - I ate enough chocolate to make up for the 40 days of lent this weekend - don't need that settling anywhere fast!

This is the day which the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

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Jenn Djordjevic said...

Hi Molly! Congrats on all the stuff going on in your life. Sounds like things are very busy. I hope your plants will survive. I'm not a green thumb at ALL so I give you lots of credit!