Saturday, April 28, 2007

Candyman tempting the thoughts of a Sweet tooth tortured by the weight loss

Ohhh hurts to run after taking a week off!
Didn't do too bad! Now that I have this nifty watch/HR monitor I can give stats:

40 minutes total
Average HR 144
3 miles

Lap 1 (1 Lap = 1 mile)
average HR 66%
Lap 2
average HR 81%
Lap 3
average HR 83%

What do y'all think?

In other news...nothing exciting happening b/c after our "all out" trip to Chicago we have NO money! We did have fun cooking out with our next door neighbors last night. New inexpensive wine to mention - Twin Finn Pino Gris....Especially if you like a REALLY smooth white! I have also decided that grilled pineapple is my favorite thing EVER!

Program cutting the corners
Loose end, loose end, cut, cut
On the fence, could not to offend
Cut, cut, cut, cut (DMB)


JohnnyTri said...

Sweet a new HR monitor! Awsome.
good numbers. What happened for mile 2 and 3, you dropped, you get tired, start too fast, etc..?

keep up the good work!


Laurie said...

Hey Molly..Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll add you to my links. Have you recently started running? The Country Music Marathon is a lot of fun. You'll enjoy it. I am signing up next years NOW so I can get in cheap. Keep us updated on your training1