Monday, April 2, 2007

Another chance has been engaged

Things are going well. Koz is doing great after his surgery...we will know the test results (cancer?) in about ten days.

Today is my first run on the new training program. Friday night I talked to a friend of mine who works at Chattanooga's premier shoe/running store and he said that most beginner runners don't (usually) realize that they need to lean to run at a low heart rate and then build up, I want to give credit were credit is due...If it were not for Andra I would not EVEN know what was up. Thanks Girl! And even bigger thanks for the tip on the less expensive heart rate monitors at friend had a "cheep" one for me for $85!

Friday night we went out to dinner with Scott's parents, brother Alan, Jen and their (almost three year old!) Kate. WE went to a place I love, J Alexander's and it was the introduction of summer wine for me, yes, I had my first Pino Grigio(s).

Saturday night was a shower for a good friend of our family at my parents house. Great food from a local place called Mojo Burrito (where I got the idea to make naked burritos the other night!). So good and they include a Margarita Machine when they cater...I stuck with the white wine! S stayed in my parents extra room, along with a large majority of the men (it was a couple's shower) watching basketball. We took home enough food for a month (more naked burritos!)

Saturday I pulled out the summer clothes. It was a cross training day on my schedule and I figured the twenty trips up and down our stairs and the long walk I took Koz on would work...threw in a good amount of core work for good measure.

Sunday I went to church with my parents and then went to the "Bunny Brunch" at the Country Club...very the time we got there the food was gone and the coffee was burnt. I put it in full gear when I got home...hit Southeastern Salvage for pots, the Barn Nursery for plants and the Wall for a few things. Got home, put stuff away and then planted for a couple of hours, had some dinner and planned on taking a bath. Scott was not feeling well and was in the bed...I went to check in on him and laid down for a second...I was OUT! Woke up about an hour later and brushed, washed, moisturized and fell back in bed!

I feel the need to say again, that I really believe that I have been over medicated for a while. I am feeling so much more alive, have so much more energy, less ups and downs, less jitters. And most importantly SO much more focused, and able to focus!

I'm gonna post some pictures tonight in hopes of getting in the habit of using the camera...pic's of Koz's scar, my flowers and I hope pics from the bunny brunch!

Take your instinct by the reins
Your better best to rearrange
What we want and what we need
Has been confused been confused (blow your horn)
Your finest hour (blow your song)


Andy said...

I'm glad you're geting on top of the meds. Should even things out a little. Onwards and Upwards!

matt said...

I hear they have some good art in Mojo this month ;)