Saturday, June 23, 2007

Running all the time, Running to the future, With you right by my side

Went to my psychiatrist Thursday and was SO nervous about telling him that I had quit the meds! Some of my nerves were calmed when his receptionist (who has seen my in the best of times and the worst of times in the past) told me I looked better than she has ever seen me! So, boosted a little bit, I blurted, quickly, to Dr Spaulding that I was off the meds...and he was happy for me...yea! He thought all my race day anxiety (as you all told me) was normal! I am going to see him in five months (or b/4 if I need him)!

Thursday night's Powerflex class was crazy. Our teacher was unhappy b/c no one would yell the reps with her and she kept throwing in extra sets of push my chest was crazy soar! Sucked it up and did 20 minutes on the elliptical after class. I got on a machine that faced the pool and seriously considered stripping to my sports bra and undies and jumping in...I would have been a lot more covered than some of the women out there! But, I decided to head home!

Friday I went to work for a little while and then went to get a new pair of running shoes. I went to a local store, that I usually go to, that put a coupon in the race packet for the 10K. After getting a good scolding for keeping my old shoes months too long (I had no idea Dr. John, I promise!) I tried on the newer version of the Asics I have and then I tried on a pair of Nike Air Structure Triax.

They have more "pitch" than my Asics and I seemed to like that pretty well! Being the cool store that this is I was able to run around a little before I bought them and he said I could take a run on them on the treadmill and bring them back if I was not happy.

As I have mentioned before my workout gear is pretty Nike favorite shorts, shirt, hat and even socks are Nike. So now I can officially say...

Molly Running officially Endorses

So, the guys at the store were really great and really supportive. When I pulled my coupon out they knew it was from the Riverbend run and asked me which race I ran and how I did and so forth. They said that they thought that it was one of the hardest routes that Riverbend has done. They gave me tips on routes and hills in the area that would be good places for me to practice.

At this point I was totally comfortable with these guys and MY questions started pouring out. The biggest being that I have avoided running outdoors b/c I can not track my progress as well as I can on the treadmill. So I asked if there was any other option than the Garmin to track my running outdoors...and low and behold I have the shoe AND the right ipod (Nano) to use this cool new device from Nike.

So, the little doo dad on the left goes in my shoe and the part on the right goes into my ipod. I can download all sorts of cool stuff off of itunes and upload the information from the "chip" in my shoe to download and (GET THIS) have charts! AND this cool little thing costs...ONLY THIRTY BUCKS!!! AND I GOT 15% OFF EVERYTHING!!!

I'm so stoked (can you tell?), I can not wait to get it calibrated and download all the cool stuff! My itunes is on my work computer, so the ONLY disappointing part was that I could not do any of this fun stuff this weekend.

Friday afternoon I hit the treadmill to make sure the shoes were cool and they right knee is still bothering me...but the pounding sensations I was getting with my other shoes were gone. I think I am going to have to sport the knee brace for a while.

Friday night Scott and I went to a LONG Lookouts game...we left in the 12th, the Looks won in the 14th.

This morning I went to yoga and it was A GREAT class. Afterward I was not tight for the first time since THE race. I went to the pool this afternoon and worked on my freckles and then went to dinner with Scott's family (he is at the Atlanta Braves game today). I am trying to figure out what to do for cardio tomorrow afternoon. I know that I will want to run (once I get my ipod situated) Monday...and I should not run three days in a row...maybe I'll do laps at the pool, in my swim suit!

Much love to Momo who is in an Ironman race tomorrow and congrats to ZBuck, Russ and Matt who competed in a Duathlon today and Iron Pol who competes in a half Ironman this weekend!

Take Care

Were running
Keep holding my hand
Its so we don't get separated (No Doubt)


SkiRough said...

This post has it all... psychosis, gear report, lyrics, training report and even shoutouts. :) I love it
PS- eggling is in the mail! :)

Bill said...

Good news all around, eh Molly?

That's the definite advantage to stopping by your local store. Not only are you supporting the local economy (and hopefully some good folks), but you find out about things from people that are typically more tuned in to what's available.

Take it easy on the knee. No rush to get back on it. Just stay active.

JohnnyTri said...

Oh yeah.. I love new gadgets! so awesome for ya Molly.

you are really going to like it and now there is no guess work.


Aimée said...

Isn't yoga amazing? I love it so much. It really helps me to feel at peace. I hope your run goes well with your new tracking software.

Take Care,

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Thx for stopping by my blog.

I am now in need of new shoes too. Was it hard to decide what to get? I wish I had a coupon. Nothing good in my race packet. Booohoooo!!!

Hope you like that ipod+nike thing.

Good job on your 10K last weekend. And Best wishes improving next time (in July). I'll be keeping track!!

Cynthia Blue said...

Oh I need motivation to start running again. I think my poor border collie's pads may be enough. They need to be toughened up. I just started meds a couple months ago... and they tell me I should be on them for life. hrm.