Monday, June 25, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Karma kicked me in the butt today.

For the past few months I have been pretty jealous of the blogs I read about too much rain. While I was sorry that the rain interfered with training plans, I longed for rain of my own. Each morning and night, as I watered all my plants, I would pray that rain would enter my life. My poor plants long for real rain.

Today my Momma and I planned to go to an organized open water swim. I really wanted to go for a couple of reasons. First and foremost I wanted to support my Momma, who has supported me in every way. And I also was interested to see what swimming a mile would really be like for her!

Friday I planned on, and was excited about, calibrating my Nike + ipod technology today, but when the open water swimming came up I was even MORE excited about swimming with my Momma.

We got to the open water practice and I was SHOCKED how far swimming a mile would be (I quietly wondered to myself if I could do it!) , but I was ready to go - ready to see what we could do. Momma and I swam for about ten minutes when the thunder and lightning began. We all got out and decided that it was not going to pass, so we all left. I drove home in one of those crazy summer rains that includes rain the size of golf balls. As I got closer to my house the rain let up, but was obviously headed our way. When I got home I asked Scott to hurry up and feed Koz and get him out because the rain was coming! I jumped in the shower and washed the twenty minutes of lake off of me.

As if all of this was bad enough two additional things happened:

1. I allowed my self to have an orange cream frappachino for lunch b/c I thought that I was getting a good workout this afternoon...which did not happen...AND

2. It never freaking rained at my house.

So, now I am going out side to water the plants and then doing a bunch of sit ups, push ups and leg lifts to try and work off that orange cream frapp!

Take Care

Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'
Because I"m free
Nothings worrying me. (Burt Bacharach)


Brian said...

I was reading recent blogs and thought your's was great. My wife teaches water aerobics at the YMCA. She said she ate bad knowing the work out was near, well it lasted 3 mins due to the storm. The rain fell hard just a few miles away from home with 17 drops at our house. I love the story.

Brian Smith
WDEF-News 12

JohnnyTri said...

hey, i'll send ya some rain any time to get it out of H-twn.. Supposed to rain all week!! yesterday was the start.

and a mile.. well 1500 meters.. seems farther when you say mile but really when you get going its over before you know it. I know you can do it, so no worries and besides you have swim buddy, Momma!


Allez said...

Order the starbucks no fat, no whip and its pretty much a health smoothie :-)

Andra Sue said...

Yes, I would be happy to share my rain with you, if only I could!!! Got poured on trying to walk the dogs at the lake on rained on yesterday rained on this morning. My grass starts to look shaggy like 2 days after the lawn guys come to cut it! Sheesh.

And yes, a mile in the water DOES look extremely long, even though it only takes most people around 32 minutes, give or take. :-)