Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Good good good good vibrations

Thanks again to everyone for their support! I appreciate the advise to run the 5K b/4 the 10K too...I know that I will feel a lot better when the 10K rolls around being familiar with a race environment.

The rest of Saturday was LAZY! Sunday S and I did a lot of work on the house, did a little furniture re-arranging and cleaning and so forth. We did take Koz on a long walk, only then did I realize that my quads were the last body part to realize that I was no longer racing and they could relax.

Monday I had a whole lot to do! About 15 errands t run around and get don. With the very best intentions at heart I planned on getting a run in - it just did not happen. The GREAT part of yesterday was that it was mt Momma's birthday. We celebrated Momma's and Scott's birthday's with a great dinner at an awesome restaurant in Chattanooga, St John's. S was a little late b/c of a softball game (the won though, so it was OK) and the restaurant was slammed and took three hours to get us through our meal (with Katie's little ones, which made it exciting) otherwise it was a great night!

One of the things I had to do Monday was pack for the fourth (and last) of the long string of vacations I am going on this summer. Yesterday I spent in the car on the way to Panama City with this crazy bunch...

I rode down with Scott's Brother and sister in law
and their daughter Kate. Took us about 9 hours, including stops and it was quite the ride!!! As I have said about my sister's kids before, I was really impressed with how well Kate handled the whole day...which did not end when we got to PC!

We went on to eat at The Treasure Ship, which is in a big pirate ship...

If you are ever in PC (or as we call it The Redneck Rivera) skip this one!

Then a trip to the Wall...

Scott and his parents got in late last night...took them 6 and a half hours to make the trip...I probably do not want to know how fast Scott's dad was going.

S and his brother took off early this morning to see the Blue Angels practice in Pensacola. The rest of us woke up to a fire alarm which provided the early morning workout of descending and climbing 10 flights of stairs...twice.

I then checked out the fitness room here...very nice. I got a good three mile run in...I think my quads are STILL tighter than they have ever been!

The I joined the crew at the beach and the pool for the rest of the morning and we all ate lunch and chilled until the boys get home. We are about to leave for dinner (it is 3:30) b/c S's Dad wants to go to this really popular restaurant called Angelo's but does not want to have to wait!Not sure what we will do when we are done with dinner...at 6:00!

We are in a beautiful condo that has a full kitchen...and wireless! So, I hope to be posting my run stats for the next few days as well as pictures (Scott's brother got a new camera!) and better restaurant reports...lived on french fries and cokes yesterday!

Take Care

Na na na na naNa na naNa na na na naNa na naDo do do do doDo do doDo do do do doDo do do
(Beach Boys)

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