Saturday, June 2, 2007


First I must say a BIG thank you to Andra, Russ, momo, Bill, Lauren, Allez, Dr. John and Skirough for all the amazing advise that you gave me!!! I was pretty nervous this morning and reading your posts again (and knowing the "eggling" was better!) really helped me out!

My story really begins last night. It was Scott's B-Day and he wanted to have Mexican for dinner...I now know that if I am going to a Mexican restaurant for dinner the night before a race I will eat some pasta (I know, I know, you told me so!) before and simply enjoy the company of those at the restaurant!

We then went to the Lookout's game and saw one of the craziest things I have ever seen! The other team's manager (the Lookout's former manager) went CRAZY...he covered home plate, pulled up third and second base and then started crawling on his belly from third base to the mound...when he got to the mound he started picking up the rosin bags and throwing them like grenades. He then took off for the clubhouse (he had been ejected before any of this happened) with second and third base in hand. It was better than the Chicken!

So, got in bed around 10:30 with a rumbly belly. Woke up several times during the night with thoughts that I had overslept. At 5:30 the alarm went off and I still felt full and my stomach was uneasy. So, I changed the plan a little and had a banana and a cereal bar and a Coke (bubbles always settle my stomach) and felt a lot better before Scott and I left at 6:15.

We got there at 6:30 and there were about 50 people waiting around and they were not ready for us yet. Things were pretty disorganized the entire time. It was great to have S and my Momma there...they really helped me stay calm.

I got number 204. They never really told us the course only that is was an out and back and there would be volunteers along the way.

I decided to wear my HR monitor but turn off the settings (so it would not make any noise when I got to 85%) so I could look at it but would not necessarily have to pay attention to it (If you are interested it stayed between 90 and 97% the entire time!). Had a good music mix on too...decided to pick songs that I knew all the words to so I could sing along the entire time.

The race organizers were running around like chickens with there heads cut off until about 7:30, at which point they got the 5K runners together at the start. I was really nervous...can you tell?

Then we started...

I was pretty tight. I had walked around a lot...maybe not enough. I had a major case of cotton mouth going on. I was passed a lot at the beginning. Tried not to focus on that and to just try and run my pace...but a little faster (tried to make it hurt a little!). Got into my groove and then I saw the hill we were about to go up and I started to panic a little...there are no hills on my treadmill.

After the hill I actually started to feel a groove...then I passed the 1 mile marker they had out...I looked at my watch...13:45. A 13+ minute mile - that SUCKS. I was a little disheartened but kept plugging along. I started to tell myself...this is your first race, do your best, don't worry.

Then people started passing on the left...headed back. They all looked wet, which made me happy because I realized they had water. Pretty soon I was at the turn. As they handed me a cup of water, the volunteers kept repeating,"the first mile marker was wrong...the first mile marker was wrong." Feeling even better I swished and spit my water twice (b/c that is what the girl in front of me did) and then dumped the rest on my head.

Felt like I had a second wind...knowing that I had not run a first 13+ minute mile made me feel better.
Then...I hit the second hill...that hurt! I slowed down and was passed for the first time since the start. Once at the top my legs seemed happy again and I took off. I passed two people who had passed me at the start. I had thoughts of trying to catch the woman that was in front of me (my water spitting mentor) and I thought of Audra's hammy and decided to try and stay with her.

I realized that I was close to the end and I took off my ipod so I could her my time. I turned the corner to the finish and looked at the clock....29:55...huh? I crossed at 30:15. SO CLOSE to under 30...I started to beat myself up a little for slowing up on that hill.

There were Momma and S cheering for me as I crossed and I started to realize that I ran 6 minutes faster that I ever had and 30:15 did not seem so bad!

We chilled and cheered for everyone coming in. Had some water and went to the restaurant that is on the grounds, The Blue Plate (behind S and I on the left) , and I got some pancakes... yummy!

We ate listened to the age group winners. Based on the people that passed me at the beginning that I did not need to worry about that. Mom and I talked about how much running is an individual sport during the event but after the race it really seemed to be a running community! We took a group picture (I'm on the left in the bright blue shorts) after all the 10k runners came in and then we were on our way!

Thanks to EVERY ONE who was pulling for me...the GAC Jr's, Kandi, The Giannasi's, Bat Man, Kim, Bill at work, Scotty, all of you in blog world and a special thanks to Momma for the pics. I could not have done it without you... I just have to swallow the fact I gotta do that distance twice in only two weeks!
Take Care


momo said...

molly - what a great race! i'm with you on the "no mexican food" before a race. i had it once with my family before a long run - um, let's just say it was a LONG run. :-)


Bill said...

Wonderful, Molly!

I was smiling the whole time reading your report.

As you discovered, letting the people at the beginning pass you is fine, since many are going out too fast and you'll see them again later.

Looking forward to your exciting 10K!

BTW, we saw the coverage on CNN of that coach. All we could discuss was what a childish display.

Allez said...

Way to go!!! I always get nerves before a race too. Funny girl, I can't believe coke settles your stomach! Good idea to turn off the beep on the HR monitor. Great job :-)

Andra Sue said...

Haven't had time yet to read your whole post, but wanted to stop by and say congratulations on your first 5k. A 6-minute PR is craaaaazy fast! WAY TO GO!

SkiRough said...

YA HOO!!! :)

Way to get it done, Molly! And awesome pics :) Soooo psyched for you.

The Blue Plate looks great, I checked out their menu, I bet they have an awesome breakfast burrito.
Also, that is nuts about the baseball game. What the heck?

JohnnyTri said...

Holy Smokes You did fantastic and what an awesome time!

Dont worry about 2x the distance in two weeks, just have fun and get out there like you did this one. They are fun, ya know.

I think your catchn` da bug... :)


SkiRough said...

Okay, so I was thinking, and I want to mail you an Eggling for your very own, :) so email me your address! (

I'll send it out this week.