Sunday, June 17, 2007

Got your popcorn ready?...this is a long one!

For one hour, nine minutes and fifty seven seconds yesterday I worked harder than I have in a really long time! I can honestly say that I was not truly prepared for this race. I think that there is no way that I could have known that before running, I am not saying that in a self deprecating way - just to say that this 10K was a HUGE learning experience for me!
I got up at 5:45 and had my oatmeal and coffee and water and S and I headed out at 7:15. My sweet husband had taken spray chalk and written GO MOLLY on the driveway...he knew how nervous I was and it was really cool that he thought to do that for me!!!

I got there and got my chip (I picked up my race packed with my number in it on Friday) and met up with my Alan, Jen and Kate.

I was pretty nervous going in and so pics and hugs with Momma (I think this is one of my favorite pics of me and Momma ever) and Scott were necessary.

Before I knew it we were lining up. There were probably 4x more people there than were at the 5k and it was MUCH more organized. They told us that all miles would be marked and splits would be called. We lined up up according to pace...there were signs along the straight away that we started on. The 5K and 10K started together and the 5K split off about a mile into the race.

The first mile was REALLY tough. I was really questioning myself and my mouth was really dry and I felt really closed in...with good reason. I found out after the race that there was a record attendance at this race...nearly 1,100 people participated! I really had to talk myself through that first little bit!

Momma took the artsy picture of me at the start...I think it is really cool. I am the second blue body in this shot. Momma and S hustled to this spot to take this shot of me. It was SO great to see them there. I had just climbed the first of three hills in the first three miles. I managed to erase my split times from my watch...but in my nervousness and excitement I ran the first two miles in under nine minute...which I think killed me later. This was a nice straight away and down hill section. The third hill came soon after as did my first walk. Did not think that my legs could make it...and I thought that I could probably walk ( still in proper form Iron Pol) than I could run!

Soon we hit the Riverwalk, where I ran the 5K. Right before we hit the wooden part of the walk S had written in chalk paint, GO MOLLY GO and that gave me such a big boost. The Riverwalk part of the race was my best, most even and comfortable part of the run. At the end of the Riverwalk part I knew I was close to mile four. We then turned up to Riverfront Parkway that runs parallel to the Riverwalk...and we turned into the a headwind. I had a little bit of a freak out at this point b/c I was pretty tired and all of a sudden, with the head wind, I got really cold, I looked down and my HR was at 99%. I decided to walk for a while. Mile 4 to 5 was my slowest, I walked most of it...mostly b/c I was nervous about the cold feelings. That was the LAST thing that I expected to feel!

I could see mile marker 5 in the distance and sunshine on the street (we had been running in the shade) and I picked it back up. Then I saw my Momma, S, Alan and Kate on a bridge over the Parkway and once again I got an emotional lift. They all (including Kate in the cutest voice) GO MOLLY GO!

I ran a little longer and had to walk a little more again. The cold feeling was still with me and my knees started screaming at me! I decided to do a five minute run/two minute walk until I saw the six mile marker and I ran it in from there. When I saw the finish line I was SO happy and then I saw my Dad, who I did not expect to be there. All of a sudden he yelled, "HURRY YOU HAVE TO BEAT 1:10!" and I turned it up and pulled in at 1:09:57...THANKS DAD MAN! S was at the end of the finish straight away and I was so glad to see him and the sweet thing hugged me despite an hour of gunk!

I kept walking after the race and drank a lot of water. It was SO great to have all my family there and I have to say that, to a person, the people that ran this race were awesome! Every person that I saw from the folks at the water station, to the crossing guards, the people guiding us in the right direction were amazing and supportive and I really appreciate all of them!

I am SO proud of Jen, she made it too with
a lot less training than I did!. The pic on the right is with her group of friends from work who ran the race too!

Then we had to go to get my favorite pancakes at the Blue Plate.

I crashed pretty hard yesterday afternoon...but did not nap as much as I had anticipated ( I did not sleep much Friday night!). I was a little nervous b/c I did have a lot of trouble warming up...but after eating A LOT, taking a warm bath and stretching a little I was able to get in a little nap.
We went to visit with family and friends on my parents house boat last night. It was the last night of Riverbend and there was a great fireworks show. My Momma had a picture from the race posted in the window of the boat and S was up to his old tricks and put a big chalk "sign" on the concrete that had a congrats message and my time!
Starting last night and into today I am having a little trouble with my left knee, which to this point has been my "good" knee. I am hoping that my quads are just so tight that they are pulling a little funny on my knee. I am still stretching like a crazy person...without much results...just have to keep it up!
Major thanks to my family and friends that really got me through this! I am thinking a lot about the 10K in July and what I need to do between now and then to be better prepared for the next race!
Take Care


Bill said...

Excellent report, Molly.

Your run/walk strategy was a good one, especially for your first 10K.

Looking forward to your July race report. ;)

Andra Sue said...

Congratulations! Definitely a respectable time, given the fact that you had to do a little walking. Onward and upward towards the race in July! :-)

Russ said...

Congrats on the 10k. Wow that is a big jump from the 5k. You are now offically a runner. Keep up the good work!

Allez said...

Way to go!!!

Lauren said...

Congratulations! That's awesome. Maybe I need to read more reports like this to get me in the running spirit...

JohnnyTri said...

Now that is just freaggn` awesome!!

I love the pics of you on the Bridge and then as you run under and come out the other side with your arm in the air!!! Great!!

you are a 10k runner now!