Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dont stop believin'

I took it easy last night and just stretched out really well. I plan on doing a short warm up and going to yoga tonight and then doing a short pace run Thursday night.

Once again the night before the race I have a shindig to go to. This week in Chattanooga is Riverbend, a week long musical festival on our riverfront. In fact, the 10K is the Riverbend Run.

My parents bought a house boat last year and they have gotten (actually my Mom waited in the cold in February at 5 in the morning to get) a slip by the main stage and they are having a party on the boat Friday night. The performer that night is Earth Wind and Fire...Riverbend always tries to have a mix of up and comers (Daughtry was there last Saturday and apparently Chris was quite the a$$ and the band only played 45 minutes), current stars (usually country, Vince Gill this year) and oldies but goodies (Steve Miller Band is performing tomorrow night). So, back to the Mom is doing BBQ and fixings BUT since it is a house boat I am planning on making myself some noodles and bringing some grilled chicken.

I bit the bullet and got a sleeveless shirt to wear...I went with the Nike SportsTee Tank. I have the SportsTee and love it, so I figured I would go with what I know (I do appreciate the suggestion Andra, we only have Dick's Sporting Goods here). I also got a hat...the Nike Featherlite Cap. I will be sporting mostly favorite shorts and socks are Nike Asics will be the total endorsement buster.

My shin is feeling much better and my knee is a little better...still feel a little kink, esp. on stairs...hoping that will resolve itself before the race.

Thanks again for all the advice and support!

Take Care

Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues (Journey)


Andra Sue said...

Cute! All my shorts (except tri-ones) and hats are Nike. They make good stuff!

Matt said...

Riverfront sounds like a blast. I've heard that Chatt has put a lot of money into revitalizing that area. Good luck this weekend.

JohnnyTri said...

glad the shins are feeling better.
Stretch them babies out and they should feel better. Also when your body gets used to running on different surfaces and longer, you should have less of a problem with that.


ZBUCK said...

We got ranked so low because we are going to suck! We lost our all-american receivers, Ainge is a walking injury, no proven back-up (even though I like Crompton), and our strong point, tailbacks, are running behind a horrible offensive line (which also contributes to Ainge getting the crap beat out of him). So, we pretty much have not improved over last year...may have gotten worse. Oh yeah, one more thing, Fulmer is still our coach, which means we will underachieve!

That is how we are ranked so low!

Now on to the tickets that you want to give or sell to me for the Georgia game...and your single friends that will be there!!!