Sunday, July 1, 2007

Shake it down, shake it down now

Friday was SO much better than Thursday, got my sense of humor back as well as a sense of stability. As I have said before I really think that ups and downs are something that I will have to get used to now that I am medicine free.

Friday afternoon I was thinking about the 10K (now only 15 days away!) and I am sincerely worried. My knees just do not seem to want to go more than 3 miles without faltering. AND, the Waterfront Tri is expecting a record participation!

SO, my thought process turned to - how can I keep myself moving for 60 minutes solid without running for 60 minutes solid. So, I thought of all my wonderful Tri friends and the answer was staring me in the face. I have been loving the swimming I have been doing, how about a brick! My plan was to fun for forty minutes and swim for twenty.

My run was better than I have had in a LONG time. I downloaded a 40 minute itunes mix (from Nike) that includes coaching and intervals. My entire life I have ever questioned the fact that I am extrinsically motivated, someone yelling at me to get my butt moving more than I can get it moving myself. So, having this coach in ear, doing intervals, really helped me get moving!

Mile 1: 12:06 ave HR 132
Mile 2: 11:29 ave HR 164
Mile 3: 11:29 ave HR 164
1/2 mile: 5:31 ave HR 161

THEN I SWAM!!!! Yeah me! I did 20 minutes alternating 100 breast with 100 free. I have NO idea how you all keep up with how many laps you have done (any tips appreciated), all I know is that I was moving for twenty minutes!!! Being that it was Friday night I did not have to share a lane (thanks for the tips Matt, I am sure they will come in handy soon!). I did try breathing on both sides and found that to be something I really need to work on!

I do have a new appreciation for transition times...I think it took me 15 minutes, in the locker room to get from run to swim.

Scott had to work late Friday night and we winded up heading home at the same time and he stopped and got pizza. It is this new pizza with two crusts and two layers of cheese. And my sweet husband got me pineapple! Ya'll I almost ate the entire pizza!

Yesterday morning I went to yoga, another great class. I am really liking my teacher. I dropped S off at work b/4 yoga and picked him up afterward and we hit the Wall. I am making oatmeal scotchies for a party Tuesday and pasta salad for a party Wednesday.

Chilled for he rest of the day. I never watered the garden b/c it was supposed to rain all day. This morning I got up and watered the gardens, S and I made these awesome pancakes and then I went outside to garden..and it starts!

Planning on another run/swim combo this afternoon and I think Momma and I are going to do some open water swimming tomorrow. My Mom is kicking butt with her swimming! I am SO proud of her...she is swimming a mile in about 35 minutes, and getting better every day!

Take Care!

She's a brick----house
Mighty mighty, just lettin' it all hang out
(The Commodores)


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

To keep count of my distance in the pool, i hit the lap button every 4 lengths (=100M for me). If I miscount, I can easily tell by the time recorded for each.

And for your 10K. Do you mix in walk breaks? I started doing that fairly recently and discovered that it was the ticket for going farther (at least for me).

Have fun!!

JohnnyTri said...

wow way to go both you and mom on the swimming..
as for keeping track of laps, I have a older timex watch that has a stop watch with lap counter.. otherwise I would totally forget.
and it was cheap and waterproof.. wal-mart I think..


Andra Sue said...

Hey...I will email you on both the concert and how I count laps. Way too long for comments! :-)

Cynthia Blue said...

That sounds great, I wish I had a pool nearby where I can swim. But it seems like such a time sink... drive there, change clothes, swim, dry off, change clothes, drive back. Ugh. I like stepping out my front door for a run with the dogs. :)

Allez said...

I can only count up to about 6 laps at the most before I lose count, some days less. So I generally do things in increments. 5x300, or something like that.