Saturday, July 14, 2007

I sit at my table and wage war on myself

This has been an interesting week.

Dr Matthews asked me to take it easy on my knee until my MRI yesterday. I now think that exercise is once again tattooed into my psyche b/c this week, with no exercise, did not feel good. I am looking forward to my appointment on Tuesday, where I will find out the plan for the future.

Wednesday Momma, Kim and I ate lunch at the Boathouse, overlooking the river that Momma would swim in, and decided that the team would not participate without me this year. We are all going to get together tomorrow morning and watch the Waterfront Triathlon and get the experience we need to kick some butt next year!

Thursday was a quite day at the office and then Scott and I went to a cocktail hour with his Leadership Chattanooga classmates. We went to a tapas place in town called Terra Nostra. It was a lot of fun. I got to meet some folks that I have not met before and we both had a great time. I had some pear walnut quesadilias and a piece of chocolate raspberry cake. Scott was so into talking to his buddies (and not liking the fact that tapas are expensive little bits of food) he ended up getting a sack full of Krystals on the way home.

Yesterday was my MRI. I have not done that since 2000 and I forgot how much I hate it. The idea of laying still is bad enough, add the noise and the fact that you are in a tube just sucks! I hated it! After I left the MRI I got a call about a new opportunity that totally flabbergasted me. I am very excited and can't wait to tell you more soon!

Last night Scott and I planned on cooking another one of the My Family Dinners that I made last week and ended up at our neighbors b/c they already had some coals going. We ended up hanging out with them a while and I made a BAD mistake. Folks, having a mango margarita (or two) after two glasses of wine is NOT a good idea! It was a really fun evening. I am just paying for it at the moment!

Today a friend of mine from High School is coming into town and we are going to hang out and catch up. Tonight we are heading to Kate's house for her third birthday with her little friends. She is doing a (pretend) sleepover party. They are all to wear their pajamas and are going to do all sorts of "big girl" things!

I promise to take and post a lot of pictures tomorrow. Maybe it will entice some of you to add the Chattanooga Waterfront Tri to your race list next year!

Take Care

I demand a rematch
I decree a stalemate
I divine my deeper motives
I recognize the weapons
I've practiced them well.
I fitted them myself. (REM)


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Molly - When do you get the MRI results? Is that what happens on Tuesday?

Have fun watching the tri tomorrow. Scope out the course, the competition, etc. They won't know what hit them next year!!

Take it easy!!

JohnnyTri said...

let us know on the MRI..

have fun with your friend.. enjoy some rest time.

and whew.. race is done .. on to the next one..