Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So I gave up my seat at the bar and I head for the door.

I lied to you. Sunday's run sucked. I came home and cried. My knee hurt so bad.

Monday morning I decided to call the orthopedist. I just got back from the appointment and I have been benched.

I am heartbroken. I will not be participating in the Waterfront Triathlon this weekend.

The doc thinks that I am suffering complications that are similar to those that led to my meniscus surgery in 2001. Apparently, after a meniscus surgery your patella can "fall" to the side where the meniscus was clipped and cause everything to get "roughed up." I am getting an MRI on Friday to see to what extent it is "roughed up". Then the doc will decide if I need a scope to get it "cleaned up in there." He asked me to stay off it as much as possible until after the MRI to see if some of the swelling will go down.

On the positive side he said that I have the nicest hamstrings he has seen in a long time. At this point I'll take the good news where I can get it!

So, our team is having a lunch meeting tomorrow to see if Momma and Kim want to forge on without me, or if we are going to withdrawal from the race.

Thanks again for your support on this issue, I'll update you when I get some news!

Take Care

Aw, we shout out these songs against the
clang of electric guitars
Well, you can see a million miles tonight
but you can't get very far (Counting Crows)


Aimée said...

So sorry about the news, what a bummer! I hope it heals soon.

Matt said...

That's bad news. I really hate that for you. Can you still bike? Put those good hammies to use and roll with the team!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Oh man! that doesn't sound good. I hope that after the MRI they can take care of it quickly.

momo said...

molly - i've been so out of the loop on my trip, i didn't know you were dealing with this. hopefully, you are catching it soon, can get it dealt with and will be back up and at it (to whatever level!) soon. i'll be waiting for your doc's update.

hugs, my friend.

Andra Sue said...

Sorry to hear about having to skip your race...not to mention the pain. Feel better soon! :(

Cynthia Blue said...

I'm sorry Molly. When you work so hard for something like a run, and get your heart set on it, it can be really aggravating and a downer for something physical like this to happen. :(

Bill said...


I'm truly sorry to hear that, knowing that you were really looking forward to it.

However, I'm glad that you recognized it early, decided to take it easy and then see the Doc. These things do happen, so follow the Doc's instructions and you'll be back at it.

I'm sure of that.

JohnnyTri said...

well schucks.. I am sorry too molly.. You have been doing so well so let that speak great words for you. You can easily do this tri stuff.. the knee is just a slight complication.. I know you will be back and I am proud of you for working so hard on everything.

People like you make our sport great to be because your so nice, you work hard and your tough.. I'm glad to know ya in blog land!
God bless..

Dying Water Buffalo said...

Aww, Molly... sorry to hear that you had to miss it. I just got caught up on some of your old blog posts. That sucks.

Sending you some hugs.