Thursday, May 10, 2007

You need to know this situation's getting old

So things have been going really well with my running...and I have been really happy with my progress.

Last night I was an hour early for yoga (they had changed the time but had not changed the flyer you pick up in the gym) and left b/c I had planned on cooking dinner and also I did not want to run in my yoga no workout yesterday.

Got up this morning had my oatmeal...everything was normal. I decided to take off on a run around 10. I am sure you are figuring out by did not go well. I came up with some possible reasons why...

1. It was 10:00 and 73 degrees outside

2. There were a lot of people out in the neighborhood I started in and I think I (really) picked up my normal pace to impress them (yuck)

3. I was listening to newer, faster music...trying to pick up my pace (to get three miles in 36 minutes)

So, I ran a good twenty minutes and started to feel really bad. I tried to talk myself through it and slow my pace...nothing worked. I got to feeling faint and I just could not handle it physically or mentally. I walked the 15 minutes back home...never feeling strong enough to pick it back up.

I am feeling pretty down about this...I am running 5.6 miles in a month and it WILL be hot and there WILL be a lot of people there and I DO need to pick up my pace.

Any thoughts on other methods I need to use to get through walls when I hit them on the road?I am also wondering if i should go back out tonight and give it another try?

Thanks y'all

I know you know I know
So what's the point in being slow
Let's get the show on the road today
(Kelly Clarkson)


Andra Sue said...

Yep, go back out and give it another try tomorrow. We all have shitty training days, and there could be any number of reasons why. Here let me list you a few: poor sleep, poor nutrition, poor hydration, hot/humid weather you're not used to, compromised mental state, allergies, drinking too much wine (oops), people watching, people not watching, trying too hard to run fast, trying too hard to run slow, having to pee, having a bad hair day. You get the idea.

You gotta shake it off and keep movin'! :-)

SkiRough said...

Just down a lot of water. When it's hot out, learn to love the sweat. You will get used to the heat. I went through the same thing in NYC last summer, it was humid and brutal. Keep getting out there.

Allez said...

Are you running with a heart rate monitor?

Matt said...

I agree with Andra Sue. We all have bad days where nothing seems to feel right. It sucks, but it happens. Just get back on the horse. If possible, try to train about the same time during the day that you'll be racing so you'll be used to the temperature. Oatmeal is a good start to a training session. Make sure you give it plenty of time to digest. Keep smiling too. A good attitude and positive thoughts go a long way. It's cheesy, but it works for me. Best of luck.

JohnnyTri said...

I agree with comments, the bad runs will come and go and can be effected by the listed factors. Don't be yourself up! It's part of the process, Use that to go back and think/remember how you felt, what you ate/drank, sleep the night before.. etc.. things like that which might have effected you and either write them down or mentally note them b/c when another day like that occurs you can possibly find factors and then eliminate them in the equation for the future. Trail and error at times!

Love andra sue's drinking to much wine!! haha.. that would be come Corona's for me!! :)

ps.. your doing so great! your progess is awesome in a month!