Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Round round get around, I get around

I'm at the beach.
Perfect weather for flying yesterday.First run on the beach last night...tough! Plan on going on a long one tomorrow HR monitor, no mileage...I'm just going to run!
We are at Litchfield Beach, SC. I am hanging with Momma at Latte Litchfield, the only place in town with wireless...that being said I will probably be absent for a while. I'll check in at the end of the week to let you know how the beach running is going!
Missing S and Koz already...otherwise I am a happy girl!
Y'all take Care!
freckled Molly

I get around
Get around round round I get around
My kind o' town
Get around round round I get around
I'm a real cool head
Get around round round I get around


SkiRough said...

Nice! Have a great stay and work on your tan :)

JohnnyTri said...

let us know how the "naked" run goes!!! (thats with no HR monitor, no nothin, just running)

great song...!!


Jennnifer said...

Have fun Molly! I like the new pic you posted. How is everything else going? We'll - we can hear all about that when you get back.