Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Well let the geek in the pink take a stab at it

If anyone knows of a treadmill 10K...would you please let me know! Still struggling in the out of doors. Planned on 30 minute a 30 minute run in...still not pretty.

One possible reason...when I got in and started to change S noticed that I had water blisters all over my back and chest...can I use that as an excuse for not being hydrated enough?

As promised pictures from the trip...

To begin with I have to say how impressed I was with how well my sister's kids handled the plane trips...this is Jimmy and me chillin' before the flight from Miami to the islands.

Once we got there it took Tommy (3 in September) a little while to get used to the ocean...pretty soon he was an old he is with my Momma (who he calls Ampy) and his Mom.

Baby Jimmy and my brother in law Tony chose the road less UNDER an usual Jimmy is sleeping and Tony is reading.

Geckos take the place of squirrels on the took me a day to convince S that these guys were indeed other words, not all geckos look like the Geico gecko.

My favorite view the first two days (you can't see the Pina Colada, but it is there)...most likely the reason for the recently discovered water blisters.

The obligatory, Molly with her tongue out picture...notice the red and white stripes on my chest...(before you start to lecture I re-applied often...a red head is as a red head does!)

The group picture at the wedding

S and I at the that man!

My favorite picture of the trip...I have always said that I am my father's daughter...and folks here is the proof!

And the trip would not have been possible without these two...thanks Momma and Dad Man for memories that will last a lifetime!

All of these pics are from my Momma's camera - so we have her to thank for this pictorial!!!!
I hope that we will get SOME news on S's camera soon...still no word. The pics from the last day of snorkeling, shelling and so forth are on his camera...hope we will all see them some time soon!

So what I've got a short attention span
A coke in my hand
Because I'd rather have the afternoon, relax and understand
My hip hop and flip-flops it don't stop with the light rock
A shot to mock you kinda puts me in the tight spot
The hype is nothing more than hoo-ha so I'm
Developing a language and I'm callin' it my own
So take a peek into the speaker and you'll see what I mean
That on the other side the grass is greener
(Jason Mraz, Geek in the Pink)


JohnnyTri said...

Now that is what I call a great time, with family and location!


Laurie said...

i love your blog Molly! It looks like you guys had fun. I like the pic of your feet! HAHA! Funny!

Lauren said...

What a fun trip! I bet the water blisters were from the sun burn. That's happened to me before--where I get burned, then the first time I break out in a sweat, the water blisters come out.

momo said...

molly - that looks like a great trip! totally relaxing for everyone. i think i'd have been under that umbrella taking a snooze, too! :-)

the bride and groom make a beautiful couple, don't they? very nice.

thanks for sharing!

Matt said...

Great pics. I bought my headband at the local bike shop. You can order them at Enjoy!

SkiRough said...

Oh my gosh, gorgeous pics! I love the lizard, and the bride looks BEAUTIFUL!

I want to know, is a pink tie required for a tropical wedding? :)