Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Suddenly the air smells much greener now

FIRST...I must ask you all to help the Koz...he is in a contest for Bissell vacuums. The contest is for their spokes animal. I REALLY just want him to make it to the finals so that I can get a new vacuum :).

Vote for Koz here:

Koz says Thanks!

Friday night I drug a tired Scott to Carrabba's with me...I was having a major Margherita Pizza craving!

Saturday morning I headed to Atlanta with a good friend of mine. We hit Harry's Farmers Market (like Whole Foods) first. This trip was all about wine. My friend takes wine classes and we hit Harry's for their selection. She helped me pick out 6 bottles (6=10% discount!) including a couple of Spanish wines that I have never heard of. Then we hit Trader Joe's for a different perspective, in the Two Buck Chuck. Trader Joe's is SO nice and SO inexpensive, we need one in Chattanooga - stat! We then hit a Macy's and headed home.

Sunday was a crazy busy day. I went to church and then Scott and I headed to the Home Show. There are several things that need to be done to the house...first on the priority list is windows. I actually got overwhelmed there were so many window "dealers" there! (It is kind of an interesting set up in that you pay to get in...to get solicited.) We also looked into a new basement door, gutters, an electric fence for Koz and a Remodeling 101 class in April. Then we headed out to a baby shower. We played an interesting game...they melted different chocolate bars in diapers and numbered them...you have to open the diaper (you can imagine what melted chocolate resembled) and then guess what brand of bar it was! Scott actually did really well. Then we headed to Abuelo's for dinner with Scott's parents and brother's family. I did not eat much, I ate at the shower, but what I ate was pretty good!

Yesterday was not a great day. Koz woke up with an upset stomach, he was needy and would not let me do yoga in peace and I was in a funk all day and I could not snap out of it. Scott and I went for a long, hilly walk last night and I felt good for the first time all day. Colleen sent e a knee brace that she sells that worked really well! I am looking forward to testing it on a run! Scott cooked pork on the grill (I marinated it in pineapple lime salsa, which I thought was great) and we had a quiet evening.

I am feeling much better today. Did AM Yoga and Yoga for Abs this morning. Going to lunch with my Momma and sister. I have to go to a "rubber chicken dinner" for my Dad tonight...not looking forward to that.

Take Care

Eye fight with my brain to believe my eyes
And it's harder than you think
To believe this sadness
That creeps up my spine
And haunts me through the night
-Paolo Nutini


Danielle said...

I heart Trader Joe's...it has become my staple and love since it came to Minneapolis. If it ever leaves, I will leave with it!! (considering they have trouble keeping shelves stocked I doubt that will happen).

At least with the food and wine show I went to, you get to sample the objects they are trying to sell to you!! (you pay a lot to get in, but so worth it!!)

Bullet said...

Ok, I voted out of shear devotion to the Koz. Best of luck!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Good luck getting a vacuum.

BTW - What's a rubber chicken dinner?

Molly said...

A rubber chicken dinner is a banquet or fundraising dinner. Rwason being...they usually serve chicken and after you have been to so many of these events (your rubber chicken is most likely served with wild rice, mixed veggies and a piece of cheese cake) all the dinners look and taste the same.

Jess said...

I love Trader Joe's so much. I'm so sad there isn't one in PA. I miss the one I used to go to all the time in Maryland.