Friday, March 21, 2008

looking out. watching out when I see the future I close my eyes I can see it now

You all know how much I love, I am sharing a few recent ones!

If there is anything I love more than pictures in general it is Koz and Scott pictures, here is the latest:

And to be fair, and because I love this picture of Koz, Scott's favorite pics (to take) are me and Koz sleeping:

Our cousin's from Salt Lake City came into town. Here we all are on Lookout Mountain:

Erin is 9, and the oldest. She and I had a lot of fun together! This picture is at Point Park.

Another from Point Park. Love to give my Dad a hard time, because he loves to give everyone else a hard time, here he is with his new purse!

A picture from the Incline. Libby is looking at the camera, she is 5 and her twin brother Hank will appear soon!

Here is Libby, Hank and Tommy waiting for the Incline.

This picture KILLS me. We followed this trailer off the Interstate! The horse had his head out of the trailer...on the Interstate!

Dave and Diane. The parents of the Salt Lake City crew. Dave is my first cousin and, while you can not see it here, another red head!

This old record player, that I played with when I was little, ended up being quite the popular toys. We all spent the evening together at my parent's house.

Scott and Hank. One thing that I have found out about being married without children is that when I see my husband bonding with a kid it makes my heart melt...and my mind move a little quicker towards the thought of having our own kids!

Our trip to the Aquarium...The butterfly garden:

Momma and Jimmy:

We had a lot of fun today at my parent's celebrating Easter. Looking forward to having Coke Zero and chocolate for breakfast tomorrow morning!

Take Care

I see pictures of people, rising up
pictures of people, falling down
I see pictures of people
they're standing on their heads, they're ready
they're looking out, look out!
they're watching out, watch out!
they're looking out, look out!
they're watching out, watch out!
- Peter Gabriel


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Happy Easter!

Colleen said...

You sound like me with the Coke Zero and the chocolate! :) Hope you had a great Easter! And thanks for sharing the pictures. There are some cuties in your family! Now that I'm back in the swing of things I'll be popping in more!

Danielle said...

Coke zero and chocolate huh...must be things you gave up?? :) I wish I could fully convince myself that Cherry Coke zero was the same as the real thing...but I still don't fully buy into that (and it doesn't taste quite as good!!). Pictures are fun aren't they? I should post mine taken yesterday while cake baking!

Jess said...

I love the pics especially the one of you and the puppy sleeping...too cute!!!

momo said...

molly, that looks like a couple of really nice family days. very pretty!

diane said...

just coming up for air in the shenendoah valley of virginia after spending a week in raleigh with the mott family. such a heartwarmer to see your entries of our trip to tenn. you made your mark on erin and she admired your knitting that amy shared with her. erin knits too. we love you lots and hope you come to visit us in slc really, really is an opportunity you should not refuse. your family is the best and we wish you and scott good health, happiness, and all the you wish for and is meant for you!