Friday, February 22, 2008

Two cups of coffee in the morning, Two days till I stop feelin' blue

Feeling 100%, yea!

Been doing my yoga in the morning but I am still being REALLY lazy about getting the cardio in. If it were not for my 30 minutes out with Koz I do not know if I would be getting any!

Two different times this week I have "explained" that the reason that I am having trouble is that I have nothing to work toward. When I had a race on the horizon I not only had a reason to get out, I felt like I had to.

My brother in law has taken the step of signing up for a 5K. I was REALLY excited and I hope that his path will follow that of Matt's friend, whose first 5K seemed to change his life!

My brother in law is signing up for The Chickamauga Chase. He asked if I wanted to do the 5K with him. My immediate response was, "I can't because of my knee." Ever since those words came out of my mouth I have wondered, is that true? I hurt my knee training for a 10K. I now know I have a partially torn meniscus and once I found that out I stopped running cold turkey.

So...I am thinking. Do I need to test this knee again? A 5K is no where near long distance and I have until April 19th to work toward it! I ran my first 5K in 30 minutes and I know that I can do one again...even if I end up having to walk it.

I am thinking that this would be a great test for me, another thing to keep me occupied (as teacherwoman's masthead says, Running is Cheaper than Therapy.) and will truly give me a good reason to get off my but and go!

Going to give this 24 hours to think about...I will let you know what I come up with!

Take Care

Hold on tight
Hold on tight because the ship is sailin'
-Josh Kelley


momo said...

i think you need to be careful of that knee, maybe test it out a bit and see what happens?

can you bike??? swim?? maybe you'd like those things, molly!

and, btw, i love that picture - it has VICTORY written all over it. :-)

big hugs!

Bill said...

I'm the same. I need something to work toward.

Finding tri's in Tokyo was very difficult, so I did little focused training those years. But once I got back to the states - FIGHT's ON!

But be very, very, very careful of that knee.

Matt said...

I hear a cyclist in the making!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

be careful of the knee, but i'd test it and like you said, you can walk!!

Jess said...

I think you can test the knee, but you just have to be really careful about it and know when you can push it and when you can't.

Colleen said...

Injuries suck, but I completely understand about needing something to work toward! I say take it VERY slow and see how your knee reacts. If you need a brace, let me know. My husband and I manufacture a line of braces and we have 6 or so knee products! :) Plus, like you said, you could always walk the race - no shame in that!! Good luck and let me know what you decide!

Danielle said...

Have you been to see someone about getting the knee scoped and repaired so you can get back to running? I know lots of people that have had problems and did the scoping and no problems after.

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