Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Coming along real good, But I still can’t do most of the things I should

Doing OK ...not great!

Monday I got up and made my way, very slowly, through the 50 minute Yoga Now video. My knees were sore and I was really tierd! I slugged A LOT of coffee and made it through the day.

Yesterday I ran a lot of errands, went and saw the head shrinker and was a super democrat. Went to a lunch meeting and a Dem Women's meeting last night. I CRASHED when I got home.

I have not been happy with myself the last three evenings. I have eaten too much, had two glasses of wine (usually have one) and vegged in front of the TV. I STILL have not finished my Blogland book club book and did not get S's Mom's scarf done in time for her birthday and I NEED to be working on my nephew's blanket for his first birthday Satuurday. I have just been tierd!

So I am picking myself up by the bootstraps tonight and getting to it. I am going to do yoga this afternoon and tonight I will finish the blanket and read my book!

On a lighter note, my sports and political friends alike will appreciate this article. I tried to tell him that SEC football is not laughing matter...

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day and gets to spend it with people they love!

Take Care

I can’t stop this crawling out of my skin
I know that you see yourself flying
Out of the skyComing down
To carry me
But I won’t come out
-Counting Crows


Matt said...

"Slugging down coffee" is my best defense for the day as well. You better get on your horse with that book. I'm really behind on reading anything other than periodicals.

Colleen said...

Must be the time of year... we can't seem to find energy for much of anything here in Ohio! :) And what's wrong with 2 glasses of wine? Sounds like a great night to me! HAHA - I totally feel ya! Let me know how the book was - I'm always looking for new ones!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

You seem busy doing a lot of stuff. I don't think you should be too hard on yourself!

Danielle said...

Ah yoga...I STILL need to get back to know wine is good for the heart!!