Monday, February 4, 2008

You can be sure, That it will only get better

Weekend in Review:

Friday: Happy Birthday to me!

Got up and did my Yoga Now video and then went and met Momma for the BEST blueberry pancakes in town at Artetha Frankenstein's! Worked for a little while and went to lunch with my Dad. Went home after a little more work and took a nice birthday nap. Then S and I went out to eat with his brother and sister in law at PF Chang's, a place I had not been. I really enjoyed it!

The best part of my birthday was going back into the bedroom after my shower and seeing two little boxes on the sweet husband got me a necklace and a watch! He ALWAYS surprises me when I least expect can you not love that!

Saturday: GO recycle MOCS!

Got up and hit the BiLo to get food for Super Bowl festivities and also for a new recipe I am going to try tomorrow night.

Then Scott and I proceeded to spend about three hours sorting all of the recyclables in our basement, loading them into a truck, taking them to the center and unloading them all. THAT was a workout in and of itself.

Went and "pre-gamed-it" at Chili's before The Moc's game. This was a BIG one against Davidson, who killed us less than two weeks ago. In the first half of the game it looked as if we were going to meet the same fate, but they came back and actually won the second half by 17...but that is pointless when you loose the first half by 24! We were all proud of their effort and glad to see that they did not quit. It also gave everyone hope that, when we play well, we can beat this powerhouse in the tournament!


Cooked most of the day...both my famous 8 layer Mexican dip and I also tried a new cookie recipe. I made black and white cookies with a red velvet batter from Rachel Ray's Every Day Magazine. This was my first attempt at icing (anything) and I don't think that I let the cokies set long enough before I iced and a mess insued...they tasted quite good...they did not LOOK good.

The game was a lot of fun. I like the Manning's, that was my only tie to either team, so I was happy the Giant's won! Had a great time with family and ate WAY too much!

Today: Got up and did Yoga for the Upper Body. Another good one. I realized tat I need to get a strap, so I am going to look for one online today. Scott did the yoga for back care on Saturday and liked that one too!

Going to the BX tonight to get some cardio in. Doing the regular plus a little extra for last night plus a little extra for all the chocolate I will eat before lent starts!

I changed my profile picture again...although the last one did inspire me to grow my hair I thought I looked snooty!

Take Care
(is anyone else's spell check not working?)

You and me together
Through the days and nights
I don't worry 'cause
Everything's going to be alright
-Alicia Keys


teacherwoman said...

happy birthday (belated) to you! :)

Matt said...

Hey Happy Birthday!!

Colleen said...

Glad that you had a nice b-day. Mine was yesterday - just something else we have in common! :)

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