Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm gonna work it out, Cause time wont work it out

I have taken some steps towards my resolutions that I want to share with you all and at the same time further flesh out my plans.

1. Loose the 10 pounds that I found during the campaign...before St Patrick's Day:
I turned down going out to lunch three times last week in exchange for TLC crackers, string cheese and apple sauce in my office. With the George Foreman Grill that I got for the holidays I plan to start cooking healthier dinners.

2. Create a fitness routine that pushes my body and respects its limitations:
Less movement on this front. Plenty of thoughts and not much action. I have had the crud...but excuses aside the only thing that really needs to happen is that I need to get my butt to the gym.

You might noticed that I removed the We WILL Tri image from my page. In addition to my knee issues our bicyclist is pregnant... Maybe I will bike or swim for a team one of these days!

3. Take one day at a time:
After the campaign I have started taking the meds regularly again and seeing my therapist. One of the things that we are talking about in therapy is pregnancy and medicine. This is where the one day at a time "thing" really comes into play. I KNOW how much better I feel on the meds, I KNOW I am OK without the meds and I KNOW that the minute I know that I am pregnant (Mom and Dad if you are reading this don't get too excited we are talking a matter of months) that I would stop the meds immediately. So, in reality I have no choice but to take one day at a time and accept the day as it is, appreciate it for what it is and enjoy.

4.Be more organized, but not predictable:
This one is on the back burner. I am working with Andy through the 15th and at the moment I still have too many balls in the air to think about being organized and I need to be predictable enought to know where the balls will be as they fall.

5.Create a money management strategy:
Another one on the back burner.

6. Re-connect spiritually (again):
Sunday at church I played hand bells. I was filling in for my sister who is having wrist problems. At communion the priest called those who were looking for healing to come to the front. I moved. I did not think about it, I just moved. I won't go into much detail only to say that within a moment, with a strangers hands on my head and words in my ears I felt safer than I have in a very long time. It is my job to take that moment and create a lifetime out of it.

7.Never forget to have fun!

8. Grow my hair out, darn it:
'nough said!

Take Care

You've got your reasons
And me I've got mine
But all the reasons I gave
Were just lies to buy myself some time
-Arcade Fire


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

May 2008 be all that you dream..and more.

Looks like you have taken a few actionable steps toward each goal. Best wishes with that!!

Allez said...

I LOVE my foreman grill!

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Thanks for stopping by and all your wonderful support...I'm so surprised at my accomplishment and proud too...:-)