Thursday, April 24, 2008

So stay with me and I'll have it made

I had a really good run on Wednesday:

Mile 1: 12:08
Mile 2: 12:28
Mile 3: 12:15

Today I did 40 minutes on the Elliptical and stretched.

Tomorrow is off...I never thought that sleeping until 7:00 would be such a luxury!

I was not going to post until after the race; but, I have two burning questions...

1. Would I do better in the race if I implemented the 4 minute run, 1 minute walk from the beginning? time on Wednesday was really consistent and I felt good the entire time. Knowing that I run faster in a race I wonder if this would get me closer to my 34 minute goal...or should I stick to the original plan of running as long as possible and THEN implementing the 4 minute run 1 minute walk?

2. Does anyone have a good swim shampoo that they use...I could smell the chlorine on my hair all day Tuesday! My Mom uses a Kiehls shampoo that she really likes...but it is a little pricey for me...I am wondering if there is a cheaper option?!?!

Thanks, in advance for your advice...looks like I might have my first race in the rain Saturday!

Take Care

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
I like watchin' the puddles gather rain
-Blind Melon


momo said...

question 1 - check your email!

question 2 - i use biolage, i get the big tubs of it at walmart... but then, my hair always smells like chlorine, too, so maybe that's not such great advice... :-)

Alili said...

Just discovered your blog:)

question 2 - Malibu swim shampoo it's sold at most product type stores. LOVE it. My blond hair has never been green:)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

1 - personally, i am always faster running as long as I can, but i get less injury when i do a run walk. That could just be me. I think your plan is okay and is probably what I would do (run as far as you can, then implement the run walk).

2 - i like my shampoo, but i still smell like chlorine for 2 days after i swim, so i;m not sure i can help..

Colleen said...

You'll definitely find people in favor of both methods - some think that you'll push yourself a little harder on the run if you are walking every few minutes, some think that you should push yourself as long as you can before you need to walk. I personally would try to run as much as possible. With your recent workouts, it seems like you might be alright without a walk?!?! Best of luck!

Borsch said...

I say go for the run/walk method...I'm always up for trying new things.

Steve Stenzel said...

1- How consistent are you? If you can keep a stronger pace by starting your 4/1 right from the start, it might be worth it. But I'm leaning towards the "run til' you can't" idea, and then starting the 4/1.


Allez said...

I use Triswim-

It works fairly well, but it doesn't get rid of all the smell. Chlorine smell has grown on me, its kind of nice :-)

teacherwoman said...

I think if you use the R4/W1 method from the beginning you will be satisfied! I know I used that on my 10 miler today and was happy.

Swim shampoo... I knew of a couple but forgot. I like to use a Paul Mitchel leave in conditioner though and really like it.

tri-dogmom said...

I would try out the run/walk in a race. Some people swear by it!

Shampoo- I use Pureology. It is a color care line. Before I went to red, I used the "clarifying" it's great at getting the chemicals out, and as far as I can tell my hair doesn't smell like cholorine! It's pricey, but I've been using the same bottles for 3 months and I still have about half left!

Bill said...

It's a bit late, but definitely start it from the beginning. It'll be tough to implement when everyone's passing those first few times, but it won't matter when you're passing them at the end.

Danielle said...

I used to use Ultraswim...not sure if it's still good or not (or where to get it) but it seemed to work well.