Sunday, August 5, 2007

You think posin' Will save the day

The first step has been taken. It was not a giant leap and it was not really a step at all, more of a pose...It was a yoga class. And it was the first thing that I have done since seeing the knee doctor. It was a great class and my knee was fine. I was really tired going into the class but felt much better once it was over.

Thursday and Friday were crazy days...8 to 8 days to be exact. The kind of days when you come home and try to decide it you should eat anything before you fall into bed.

Saturday morning I got up for and 8:30 meeting and after the meeting walked to my yoga class. Our city is celebrating the re-opening of a major bridge which has been closed for a year for repairs (all the complaining we all did over the last year was really put into perspective with the bridge collapse this week) and I walked through the heart of the festivities. Saturday afternoon was spent napping and trying to save my poor garden that was terrible neglected (somehow watering did not make it to the sleeping or eating level of importance). Scott and I went to Carrabba's Saturday night which was quite wonderful! There is not much that beats a Carrabba's Margarita pizza and a glass of red wine, in my book!

Koz is doing well. he is on all new meds in an attempt to try and get rid of all the infection and inflammation. He is on prednizone, which makes him drink a lot of water and therefore pee a lot. He had peed on the mat by the back door when we got home from dinner. I felt so sorry for him because he knew he had done something he was not supposed to do and instead of happily greeting us when we got home he ran to his bed and gave us sad eyes. Otherwise he is doing really well.

Today Scott and I hit the mall. I got some black heels that I needed for a new suit that I got at Banana, along with my new shirts. I went with these Sofft shoes, which can't be beat for all day wear!

Tonight we went to Fran and Kit's house to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary of Scott's parents! Scott and I are really lucky that we both have parents who have stuck together through thick and thin!

So, I am thinking that a new plan is in order. I am thinking that I am going to get some yoga DVDs and do them in the morning...that class really energized me and I am hoping that I will find a DVD that will do the same (ideas anyone?). The next stop of the plan is to make sure that I get home before 7:00 three days a week and get my cardio in. I have not been sleeping all that well and I really think that not doing cardio has a lot to do with that!

Take Care

You have to plenty of time
There was no rush
But it was your dream to be like us
You're in dreamland so you don't care
And as you wait
I'm standing there (N.E.R.D.)


Aimée said...

Hey thanks for the checkup, you are awesome. Isn't yoga awesome?!? I LOVE it. I have my own yoga mat and I do it at home instead of the gym. I just tivo early morning shows on from the tv and then do them when I can. If you don't have tivo or a DVR you should look into it- it will change your life ;)

Randy said...

It sounds like you have a good plan put together with the yoga and cardio....I'm a bit concerned yet about your knee and what seems like lack of attention with it from your doctor.

Allez said...

Love yoga too, I don't do it as much as I should. I have several of the Kaiam production dvds. They tend to be very traditional with hippie freak instructors, but I've enjoyed the workouts.

teacherwoman said...

Hmmm.. cute shoes! And comfy looking! I could use those... being on my feet all day at school!

Matt said...

I hate those sad puppy dog eyes. Those kill me. Hope he recovers well.

Anonymous said...

Shiva Rea's Yoga Shakti is great. You can do the "pre-scripted" routines, or there is a matrix option where you go through and select the poses you want to practice and it plays them in that order. Very cool. And that way, you can make the practice as long or as short as you'd like.

Also Rodney Yee's Yoga for Athletes is good.

Enjoy your yoga!

JohnnyTri said...

well poor Koz.. glad he is feeling better tho.

like your plan on getting the yoga and cardio sessions in.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

poor puppy! that happened a few tmes with Charky (our first dog) and he seemed so embarrassed. i wish Bandit would act like that when he marks things, though. LOL

Aimée said...

hey its me again- not to sound like a stalker but we haven't heard from you in awhile, hope everything's ok. :)