Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Here comes the Hotstepper

Koz update:

Well, the baby was doing really well until yesterday. Ironically enough he went in for his check-up yesterday doing great. He got a good report and they tapered some of his meds. Well, he got home with Scott and threw up. He seemed fine the rest of the night and then...this morning I woke up at 6:15 to the smell of poop. I thought Koz had farted and I started to roll over and the smell got stronger, then I felt Koz bumping into my legs. He was "scooting" (for those of you who have dogs, you know what I mean, for others think of the dog on the Stanley Steamer Commercial) and leaking poop all over my blanket (more on this later). Needless to say I took him to the vet and dropped him off at the vet to get checked again by his specialist. He had a stool sample and they found two parasite eggs...YUCK!!! So, more meds for the Koz!

OK, so the blanket that got "scooted" was our back-up blanket because Monday night Scott laid on a pen and get ink stains all over our quilt.

So, now our quilt and our back-up blanket are both (probably) ruined. I can find some humor in the fact that Koz's incident was the second blanket incident AND I have been thinking about getting a new quilt.

So, you all were so much fun with the shirt selection;

By the way this one went back because it fit weird.

I have worn both of these and love 'em

So, I decided to ask for your help picking out a new bedding set. Here are the options:

I really like #1 the best (in the far left pic, it is the middle of the three, the purple and green) ...BUT it is on back order, so I have to wait, which I don't like! Our room is a light green and would go well with any of these options. So, let me know what you like, what you think and what you don't like!

Molly Update:

I am doing better. Adjusting to the hours and the work. I think the long and the short of it is I think my body is adjusting to less sleep! Being busy has really seemed to spell my anxiety, I simply don;t have time for it or I am too tired to deal with it. Still not exercising enough...unless running around at work all day counts. I feel like I miss you all, I wish I had more time to post, comment and read. Know that I am thinking about you, especially Court and Iron Pol as you head to Louisville!

Take Care

I'm the lyrical gangster
I'm a live in-a me danger
Still love you like that
Hey, da da da da... (Kamoze Ini)


teacherwoman said...

I hope Koz feels better soon. Poor dog.

I like all of the bedsets... probably like the 1st one the best! Good luck deciding!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

poor doggy!

i like the one you like - i'd wait for it

and bummer on that shirt that fit weird, i liked that a lot (at least in the photo) and i know how it is whe things don't work out like you hoped. drat!!

JohnnyTri said...

wishing Koz well...

I like the left pic too, back order suks! so then I would say the middle pic.


Andra Sue said...

I like #2 and then #1. What does your furniture look like? Does your hubby mind a flowery quilt? :-)

Cynthia Blue said...

Oh I hope Koz is okay, parasites are yucky! Very pretty comforter for sure.

Randy said...

Sorry to hear about Koz...hope he gets over the parasite thing quickly....

I so agree with your choice on #1, green and purple would work well with light green. I hate being back-ordered too.

Thanks for checking in on me....sorry I was away for so long....more on that later.

Allez said...

Poor baby Koz...

#1 or 2 for the bedsets