Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Snap back to reality

A break in the Great Adventure for a few announcements:


I went for a run/walk outside Saturday morning. I ran 3 walked 2, decided to ease myself in after a 2+ week sabbatical. I felt good, the knee was good and all seemed really good.

Monday I did 45 minutes on the Elliptical.

Yesterday I went to the gym to run. SUCKED! I could not get through 2 intervals. My side was cramping like it has not cramped since I started running forever ago. I could not recover enough during the walks and as SOON as I started running again it killed me. So, I gave up running and did walking incline intervals. I have been thinking about working on inclines b/c I have not done that...but I envisioned myself running.

This morning I had early meetings and did not work out. SO, I loose my Friday off day. Here is the plan:

Tomorrow: RUN
Friday: 20 minute Elliptical 20-30 minute swim
Saturday: Run 5K course

I am thankful that I signed myself up for the Riverbend 5K. I am not sure that I would be getting up and out this quickly if this race was not looming in a week and a half. I am also thankful because I stepped on the scale Monday morning to see that the extra weight I could feel in my clothes was actually there - 5 pounds!


hate, Hate, HATE this medicine I am on. Don't get me wrong, if I take it I am fine. But if I forget, or take it too late in the day...I am a queen BITCH. Poor Scott was the benefactor this morning when, out of the routine, I forgot to take it. I get antsy, jumpy and literally (I MEAN literally) want to punch something. Getting off of it ASAP. I need to do it with the Doc though b/c, obviously, just quiting it is not an option.

Thinking of getting of everything for good, again.


Why Croatia you ask. As I mentioned in the last post Scott loves Rick Steves who does a travel show on PBS. He saw a special on Slovenia and Croatia and fell in love. He showed it to me and I fell in love. We literally traveled from the beaches to the Alps...where else in the world can you do that. Another cool thing is that it is pretty well undiscovered (I say pretty well b/c that is changing...the French have descended) so it is not as busy as other parts of Europe. There are still people who think that this part of the world is in turmoil and are afraid to travel there. You will see, in later Great Adventure Posts, that there are definitely still remnants of the unrest in the 90s, but everything is resolved.

And, there is this:

The Koz

Is great. He enjoyed his time with his friends while we were gone; but, I think he is happy being top dog again!


Happy Birthday to my Momma...the best mother and the best friend a girl could have!


Does anyone know how to fix my sidebar? It has moved to the bottom of my screen and I can not figure out how to move it back!

Take Care,

You can do anything you set your mind to, man


Jess said...

Wow that picture is beautiful! What a view!

Colleen said...

Okay - a couple of things...

1.) I loved your trip pictures. We were supposed to visit these places for our honeymoon, but stuff happened and we didn't go. So thank you for sharing.
2.) Don't get bummed about the workouts. I actually LOVE doing climbing workouts. I walk on the treadmill for an hour at a very step incline and get a great workout.
3.) Best of luck at the 5k. You'll do fine. Just remember to have fun!
4.) Good luck with getting the meds worked out. I admire you for being so proactive with everything.
5.) Happy b-day to your mom. She looks like a great lady.
6.) Love to pooch! Ours are visiting Tom's parent's this weekend when we're in Vegas so I understand what being at a different house can be like - fun and overwhelming! :)
7.) Can't help with the sidebar - that's too weird!

Take care!