Friday, December 7, 2007

In a New York Minute Everything can change

NEW YORK PICTURE (highlights)....

We used this one for our Christmas card...It is inside Radio City Music Hall after The Christmas Show...

The Christmas Show was the only show we saw:

Do you recognize this place...think BIG salad...

Yes, this is the outside of Monk's Diner from Seinfeld. We had lunch there one day and it was pretty good.

Our hotel, The Novotel, at 52 and Broadway...great location good hotel!
We had A LOT of great food, my favorite dinner was: Funny story...We gt so much food at Carmine's and it was so good we decided to take it back to the hotel and put it in the mini bar. So, we look the drinks out and stored the food. We ate it right before we caught our flight out of town (it was almost as good two days later cold!). We went to check out and the guy at the desk said that he had a charge for 9 drinks out of the mini bar. Apparently there is a sensor on the mini bar and when we took the drinks out to store the food it recorded them as purchased...we quickly explained and the hotel staff was very nice!

Can you tell, from this picture, where else we went... see Lady Liberty In honor of my Grandfather Scott had a Manhattan (rocks, not up) in Manhattan at Gallagher's, which was next to our hotelOur final stop was:
Rockefeller Center to see my man Matt.

Ironically, my favorite picture of the trip Scott took out the window of the plane as we left the city:
We are lucky ducks!

Take Care


I pulled my coat around my shoulders
And took a walk down through the park
The leaves were falling around me
The Eagles


Cynthia Blue said...

That looks like so much fun. :) I love vacations. they are like a window I can step out of life and into a new world.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great time.

I actually really like the leaves photo at the end...

JohnnyTri said...

matt lauer and Seinfeld dinner..totally awesome!!
nice pics..


Aimée said...

WOW! It looks like you had a blast! I went to New York and didn't see nearly as much cool stuff as you did! What a nice break from reality ;)

Thanks for keeping in touch, I have been such a slacker lately.

Matt said...

cool pics! Awesome trip. Who's this other Matt?????!!!!

Randy said...

You had an awesome trip it sounds and looks like...that ROCKS!!!!

matt said...

Someday I will make it to NYC and I definitely want to swing by the Seinfeld hangout!