Thursday, November 29, 2007

Well, I'm running down the road tryin to loosen my load

Now What?

Well...for the time being I am going to keep working for Andy. Much more reasonable hours (the campaign had me working 8-8) and much less stress. I will probably go back to my regular job (which I took a sabbatical from) at the beginning of the year, but there are some other options floating out there.

S and I went to PA for Thanksgiving and then on to NYC to reconnect, relax and have some fun. We had a GREAT time! Ate a lot, walked a lot and enjoyed the time together! I will post some pics soon.

I am sad to say that my 10K body has gone to pot. The scale shows a 7 pound weight gain but I know that is deceiving because I have lost a lot of muscle. The loose size eight has been replaced by a comfortable size 10.

My knee did not hold up very well during the campaign and I am thinking that my running days are over. I am just not up to a 4th knee surgery...the third on my right knee. I have a plan in mind...I hope to become a spinning goddess!

One thing that really became evident is that a busy Molly is a sane Molly. I realized the power of keeping my mind busy makes it hard to worry too much. I am currently med free (again) and very proud of the progress that I have made!

For all of you Koz lovers out there...he is doing SO well. We are now tapering the steroids and he should be off of them by the end of January. He had a great time being the campaign mascot and had as much fun as I did.

Take Care

Lighten up while you still can

Don't even try to understand

Just find a place to make your stand

And take it easy

The Eagles


momo said...

hey, molly! glad to see you back!

i'm the same - the busier i am, the less time i have to worry about every little thing. sounds like you're doing wonderfully, and i'm so glad for that!

Bill said...

Ahhhh, my favorite karaoke song.

Someone hand me a microphone. I've already got the beer!

Glad to see you're still floating around, Molly. Sorry to hear about the knee. So what'll be next?

JohnnyTri said...

Alright Molly's Back!!! YAHOOO!!!

ya lots has changed in a short time..

glad your back in.. see, your family always here when your ready to come back.


Randy said...

Major HUGSSSSSS that you are back...sorry to hear about the news on the knee though....Thanks for waking me up...I think my struggles with mine are going in a positive way...we shall see with the Honolulu Marathon looming a week from tomorrow...omg..yes it's true...hugs

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

glad to see you back. *hugs*

busier me usually equals saner me, unless the businer me has more stuff to do than time to do it.